The Heart Knows, The Mind Follows Its Lead

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There is always a push to choose between the guidance of heart and the mind, as if one is better than the other.


Some of it has to do with the way society has created these aspects as identifiers, the other has to do with the way we see our core tendencies in comparison to ideals or other people.


Whether you identify as a heart-driven person or a mind-oriented person, everyone expresses qualities of both depending on what we feel or fear moment to moment.


Here’s why.


The tendency to connect with the mind in situations where uncomfortable emotions run wild can help us feel more in control and safer, despite the fact this choice is often driven by fear of feeling. A desire to hide in the heart space rather than take action can keep us in the “dreamer phase” with beautiful potential and no risk, but just shy of implementation where we reap lessons and rewards.


These “labels” are a good start in understanding our core tendencies better. However, when we align with one of these aspects more strongly, we reveal something much more important – the areas in which we want to grow.


Grow Emotional Flexibility and Self-Awareness  


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In daily life we are always being challenged to find deeper balance and enhanced flexibility between the heart and mind. It’s what shapes our learning, creative expression and the way we look at the world.


When we start paying attention to situations where the heart and mind feel more at home or challenged, we illuminate patterns to shift within ourselves. What no longer fits and what needs to expand is revealed. The ways we hold ourselves back and push too hard, too fast can no longer be ignored. Each of these aspects is key to our inner transformation to reach our truest creative self-expression.


The goal is not about always striving to have complete and utter balance between the two aspects, as much as it’s about being dedicated to building self-awareness around which way we are “tipping”. This is how we tend to the flame in our heart day by day. By staying present, aware and willing to see and accept ourselves, we keep the fire of self-love and expansion lit and ready.


As our focus shifts with self-awareness, what we desire to create more of in our life shifts as well, empowering us to create consciously instead of through our fears and old patterns. Then the heart and mind can work together to help us create a more aware, rich life using their unique strengths as a team.


Can you tell when you are grounded in the heart, mind, or when these two aspects are fighting each other?


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