Life is a Conga Line Not a To-Do List

The holidays are gone and you are once again alone with your thoughts. Are you racing to start a million new projects? Tweeting your heart out? Or have your copious 2011 goals combusted into oblivion already? Maybe you are stalled at the starting gate as your ideas run amok like M&M’s on crack? What ever your reasons (or excuses), I think one very important thing is usually missing in people’s big ol’ life plans -- daily fun. Sure, you can write all about that amazing fantasy trip you w … [Read more...]

Release the Old to Welcome in the New Year with Grace

  Photo by ~*Leah*~ on Flickr As we prepare for the year to come to a close, the focus is usually already on the year ahead. You know…buckle down. Get clear. Make lists, Set goals. Get FIRED UP! However, in all the holiday hub bub, often we forget this time of year is also a very emotional one. We mix with family members and acquaintances we only see a few times of year and may not particularly like. We also have to answer big lifestyle questions about love, career and our g … [Read more...]