Release the Old to Welcome in the New Year with Grace


Photo by ~*Leah*~ on Flickr

As we prepare for the year to come to a close, the focus is usually already on the year ahead. You know…buckle down. Get clear. Make lists, Set goals. Get FIRED UP!

However, in all the holiday hub bub, often we forget this time of year is also a very emotional one.

We mix with family members and acquaintances we only see a few times of year and may not particularly like. We also have to answer big lifestyle questions about love, career and our general state of happiness when interacting with these folks. Subconsciously these questions put you in a place of review, looking at what is versus where you might want to be.

Look Back and Reflect to Spring Forward with Ease

To me the end of the year is a very reflective time, a period where I tie up loose ends and ponder on what no longer serves me. I want to open up to a new year clear, refreshed and ready to rock, but I need to clear out the crap first. This, however, requires a desire to WANT to look at the past year in a truthful way, not as some romanticized version of the truth.

So, be honest with yourself…what really happened? Did you get that gig? If not, how do you feel about it? How about the person you opened up to in a new or existing relationship. Did that feel good or did your heart get blown to pieces? How about your career? Is your business or job speeding along, or do you feel stuck, stagnant and down about your opportunities? Most importantly, do you have a supportive group of people there for you, year-round, who help talk you off the ledge when you need it most?

This mental review does not have to be complicated or specific. It can be as simple as sitting down with your cup of morning coffee for a few days in a row, or enlisting a pen and paper to jot down key points during down time. You can also collect people you trust and reflect as a group. Outside insight from loved ones provides additional motivation to bring the deep, dark ooze and ick to the surface for release, even though it may be emotional and challenging.

New Year, New You

To release old baggage from the current year enables you to let in the new year with a lighter soul and a bigger vision. It takes a shop vac to the dust bunnies and washes away old disappointments and energy, preventing it from creating a snail trail behind you into the new year.Â

So go ahead and set all the 2011 goals you want. Just know your goals and dreams can be that much closer when you let go of what no longer serves you. Make room for your soul to expand and soar. Let yourself be comfortable with change. Its your ticket to welcoming in the new year with grace and ditching those pesky chains.