Creating New Order Out of Chaos

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Despite how messy it may feel, creating new order out of chaos offers a powerful opportunity to step up and reset your life in positive ways you could never plan for outright.


Chaos rolls through everyone’s life at some point, no exceptions. The experience of chaos is also different for everyone. It can creep in slowly, like thick fog rising on a chilly fall evening, or pop in suddenly like a thunder clap. And even though you KNOW chaos is a normal part of life, the way it shows up and screams “surprise” in your face can be unsettling and confusing.


Regardless of how it shows up, you can feel lost and disconnected from the world – and your sense of self. You aren’t quite clear on what’s next, but taking no action doesn’t feel comfortable. Even more challenging, there’s no clear road map to get back onto a road you recognize – and that’s for a good reason. Change was coming for you because despite your goals, plans, expectations, and routines, life is letting you know there’s something else to see, do and learn. These “surprise” riddles from the universe delivered at random are not always convenient, or appreciated upon delivery, but they do reveal limitations and offer important lessons in self-empowerment.


Maybe you need a short vacation, small detour, or complete life overhaul, metaphorically speaking, but it’s time to open up to what the chaos want to reveal. Chaos has its own voice and guidance and it deserves space and time to speak, just like anything else that shows up in life.


Humans are often so anxious to stop feeling uncomfortable we stay focused on what isn’t working, rather than opening up to and exploring the reasons why life isn’t flowing as it once did. . Knowing the reason is only part of moving forward. You need patience to sit with the chaos, to hear all the discordant voices, feel all of the energy, and patiently sift through the insights. Then, with intuition as a heart-centered guide, you review what needs to go and what you need to create to move forward in a new way, one small step at a time.

Routines are Great, Until They Keep Us Small


Routines are helpful tools to plan the day and keep a business and family on track. These simple tools allow you to work towards a manageable life balance, making space for health and wellness practices alongside career and personal responsibilities.


It’s also easy to get wrapped up in the day to day grooves of work, self-care, family and friends because the routines become so comfortable and predictable. Routines allow you to turn your brain off in a way, to just “do” instead of having to think so much.


Due to the fact that change is not always a desirable choice, you can push aside pesky “nudges”, telling you that stress and strain are now having a larger impact on your daily life than your true desires or intentions. While distracted, a sense of discord and chaos continues to bubble up requiring you to work harder and harder just to show up and maintain “normalcy”.


This is how you truly know it’s time to open up to the voice of what chaos is whispering, or screaming, and simply surrender. Even if you feel like a victim, and that’s easy to do, what’s really happening is the foundation of what’s no longer true is crumbling, allowing you space to create new order out of chaos.

How Are You Turning Chaos into Creative Inspiration in 2020?


As we close out the year, as well as the decade, what feels uneven or chaotic in your life?


What feels sticky, grumpy, challenging, or stuck?


What are you afraid of? What feels too big to say yes to?


What are the little whispers that have been tickling your ears for years, calling you to play, explore, learn and create?


Where can you be more clear and honest with others about needs, boundaries and desires?


Make space and time to ask yourself these kinds of questions and sit with the answers. Don’t expect clear cut answers of yes or no, and don’t expect to see how all of the pieces fit together into a neat little package. Just see what shows up. allow in chaos as an ally to break up the last bits of what is outdated to set it, and you, free. Then let your answers to the questions carve out a new direction for your life.


The energy of 2020 is designed to help you work through the chaos bit by bit to build a solid, realistic foundation based on your personal truth and heart-centered desires one day at a time.
As you show up to greet the day and feel into the flow of what it’s offering, you begin creating new order out of chaos and building a way of life that makes sense of who you are now, not what you thought you would, could, or should be.


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