Discovering the Core Needs of Your Creative Soul

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Creativity is the act of envisioning something new, taking tactical steps to build the vision you see, and listening to the intuitive guidance of your creative soul – all as one combined effort.


The action aspect of creativity is often where people focus because it’s more results-oriented and tangible. We can see the fruits of our labor and receive feedback from the external world to validate or influence how we see our own creations and in some ways, measure our self-worth.


Yet, the core needs of our creative soul are what drives our curiosity and passion, inspiring us to act in the first place. They guide us to move towards what makes us happy and feel like we are creating something of value.


So why are the creative soul’s core needs so often swapped out for practices and routines that keep us in the production mode of creativity, rather than the intuitive expression of it?


Taking a Fresh Look at Creative Core Needs and Drivers


As human beings we all have basic core needs. They are intrinsic, or in other words, involuntary, and influence our creativity, decision making, life routines and so much more.




Even though these core human needs offer a way for us to relate to each other as people, the creative soul within each one of us is different. Our experiences, desires, fears and big dreams influence what creativity means to us, and how we value of our efforts, impacting the perception of our self-worth.


In order to craft a balance between what we need as humans and what we need as unique creative beings, it’s important to tune into what our creative soul craves from day to day. You can do this on a run, through meditation, contemplating over a cup of tea or coffee or outside in nature.


The first step is opening up to ditching a dusty routine and asking yourself what you really need to be more creative.


The simple act of connecting to our creative soul at all is what helps us naturally build routines that support creativity, and know when to release the ones that keep us stuck.


tapping into core creative needs


For example, if you want to write more but always feel tapped when it comes to ideas or restless during the writing process, what core creative need isn’t being met?


  • Alone time
  • Distraction-free workspace
  • A worry-free mind that allows you to be in the present moment
  • Freedom to write for the sake of it
  • A sense of passion and desire for the topic


These are some simple examples of core creative needs as it relates to one creative outlet. As we change throughout life, grow in our careers and personal experience, and develop new passions, there are so many more core creative needs that show up as our teachers. This allows us to expand into an ever grander self- expression driven by intuition, that can then be supported by new healthy routines and habits.


Here are some tips to help tap into the core needs of your creative soul:


  • Make time to truly relax all of your senses, tune into what you hear, see or smell, then write it down.
  • Tune into fears around writing and find a way to release them or provide more self-care around them.
  • Pinpoint triggers and what causes you to shut down or withhold creativity or creative exploration. Journal about them and be as honest as possible.
  • Try a meditation set to music that you listen to each day to keep you grounded and relaxed.
  • Practice your creative skill at different times of the day and at different locations. How does it feel?

It can also help to dive in with a few big picture questions:


  • Do you feel safe to create from an honest space? Why or why not?
  • Do you force yourself to push through routines that make you feel less than, rather than spending time in meditation to find out why they are not as supportive as they could be?
  • Do you value other people’s ideas and creative insights more than your own?


creative, creativity, freedom, core needs


I see creativity as a practice in remembering who we are in a way that’s uninhibited and free, while stepping out of self-judgement and routines that feel too secure and keep us from stretching ourselves.


Creative inspiration happens in the moments where no routines can guide us and no net can catch us. It’s being willing to risk what works right now to infuse life with something grander and more inspired, then build fresh routines that support the core needs of the creative soul to step into our fullest creative expression yet.


What are some core creative needs that could use a little extra attention and love in your life? 


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Core needs image: Jill