Get Down to Basics to Ignite More Meaningful Creative Insights

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As the energy of the new year rolls into our hearts, minds and consciousness, there’s a strong desire to change something, anything, in order to ignite new creative insights. Yet, the date on the calendar does not magically make the experiences and emotions of last year disappear, or enable change to spring into motion.


The push and pull between these two distinctly different types of energies is actually happening all the time, despite what the calendar says. The imprint of old ideas and patterns mix with the desire to create something new, fresh and in alignment to keep us evolving and creating new experiences, connections and things.


This is why it’s so important to get clear on YOUR basics. It helps you honor the energy of transition and respect its’ gifts every day of the year.


When you cut out fluff and get down to the bare essentials that are most meaningful, there’s a sense of empowerment that washes over you. Mental clutter, cleared. Emotional baggage, illuminated for healing. Inspiration, unearthed and brought forth to germinate into cool creative awesomeness. Clarity, engaged.


What Are your 4 Grounding Guideposts?


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The true expression of simplicity is distilling everything you feel, think and desire down to the kernels of your unique truth; the bare essentials required for you to be the most joyful “you” possible.


Start the new year by clarifying your guideposts before outlining specific detailed goals. Reset, realign and reestablish what’s most important based on past lessons and current desires. Take what deeply resonates and build a clear, simple structure for today and each moment forward. Begin to simplify and slowly refocus where you want to go.


As is the case with transition, there will be turbulence along the way that might shake your confidence. Simply come back to your core grounding guideposts when scattered, overwhelmed or feeling creatively depleted. Honor them as the gospel of your heart.


Here are the guiding principles I come back to again and again to support myself through transition and open up to the flow of new creative insights:


  • Clarity of heart
  • Focused intention
  • Faith in self
  • Courage to step forward and create


Running an idea or feeling past these basic requirements helps me identify what’s a true need vs. external fluff or distracting mental chatter. They serve as truth tellers and beacons at the most elemental level.


Sticking with your own simple core truths as a guide allows you to flow with life and remain grounded. Returning to these unique grounding elements consistently is what refines the discernment process, making it easier to tune into core needs quickly and decipher a clear creative direction, one day at a time.


What are your four pillars for 2016? What can you come back to again and again to simplify, clarify and reset creative energy in order to bring focus back to what matters most and inspire new creative insights? 


If you are looking for additional posts about tuning into your unique flow and getting down to basics, check out my past blogs; Opening Awareness to Creative Flow in Daily Life and Honoring the Birth and Death Cycle of Creativity. Want a little more personal clarity to kick-off 2016? Connect with me for an intuitive reading or creativity coaching. For more insights on keeping things simple in life and how powerful it can be, check out Keeping Things Simple for a Healthy, Long Life. 


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