Identify Go-To Soul Comforts and Call on Them to Create with Greater Love and Intention

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Soul comforts are one of the most potent acts of self-love and creativity. Not only do these little acts of care revive, inspire and transform you from the inside out, their influence enables you to create anything with greater love and intention.


Our personal go-to soul comforts are often the first thing that gets neglected in favor of “doing” to make an impact in the external, physical world. And as we get older and leave behind our natural childhood soothing techniques, we build rules around self-care and soul comforts – the most obvious one being permission to use them lovingly as an adult.


Surrounded by countless distractions all day long, we each need to find a way to honor our creative spark using simple, supportive self-healing gifts. These original “apps” known as soul comforts help keep our spirit strong, mind clear, and serve as an internal guidance system for well-being.


So why is it so easy to abandon them?


An Imbalance in Priorities Turns Self-Love Into a Luxury Rather Than a Necessity


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There are endless tips on how to maximize productivity or change something about yourself as a step towards “improvement”, yet, the most powerful transformation happens when you give yourself what you need most. Exactly what that is will change day to day, which means checking in with yourself is not a luxury, it’s a must.


When pushing empty, all you are really doing is drowning out your inner voice and what it wants to tell you; what it needs, wants us to create, shape or share. This benefits no one and drains you.


No matter what you want to create or do in the world, it requires an inward journey before it can shape into something external. You can find this clarity by being present and honoring what your intuition is already telling you is an immediate need through the form of soul comfort, then truly listen and act on that insight.


Is there a way you currently practice tuning in on a daily basis? Are you willing to actively honor those needs through a soul comfort practice?


The check-in process doesn’t need to be formal. It can be as easy as taking the time to shut out distractions and be with yourself, in the quiet, for ten minutes and ask…


What do I need most to love myself today? Then, actually listen to and act on what comes to your heart, mind and body.


Identifying your Go-to Soul Comforts and Why it’s Essential Inner Knowledge


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We all have different ways to soothe ourselves based on triggers, past experiences overwhelm, level of sensitivity and our personal path forward.


It’s also why part of a soul comforts practice is to get clear on the triggers and situations that throw you off balance, seeing them through a lens of objectivity rather than fear. This is what enables you to counteract these situations with the best source of comfort. Think of them as dance partners that switch up depending on the type of dance and skill level.


One thing to remember when reviewing your own practice, is that some soul comforts can double as coping mechanisms. These can keep you from changing in a healthy way. One example is overeating or over exercising. Over-doing comfort behaviors have an adverse effect, which is why it’s so important to understand and explore how specific comforts serve you and why.


Regular journaling or personal video diaries can help a lot in this space, allowing you to write out or clarify thoughts based how they feel once you express them outwardly.


Taking the time to practice this not only gives you clarity on the specific purpose of personal soul comforts, it also allows you to release behaviors that no longer serve you. This helps you feel more confident overall, with the best tools to support yourself successfully at the ready.


Updating and Fine Tuning Your Soul Comforts List


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Honoring a practice of self-love helps you drop the guilt of being “selfish” to truly step into what our soul needs, pointing you more clearly towards what we want to create. It’s a natural way for anyone to dig deep and honor personal needs first, while allowing space to self-energize.


So….do you have a list of go-to soul comforts to call on when you feel emotionally low or sense creative inspiration is lagging? Are you consistent about practicing some the simple soothing acts of self-love to restore your spirit that focus on making no one else happy but you?


Here’s a simple list of what I consider soul-comforts to offer some perspective and inspiration in connecting with your own:


  • Cheesy movies
  • A walk in nature
  • A call to a family member or friend that you know will understand and truly hear you
  • Snuggle with your pet
  • Foods that you love (in moderation)
  • Reading a favorite passage, book or poem that helps you feel grounded and safe
  • Listening to a favorite song or simply sitting in silence
  • Laying back and watching the clouds pass by for as long as you want
  • Going to a lake, river or ocean to just sit by the water and listen
  • Actively listening to yourself when you need a break, then taking yourself for a special treat or making something to channel creative energy


While a list of examples can be inspiring, you have to ultimately choose what resonates for the day, moment and experience you are managing.


The true value of soul comforts is that when we are feeling cared for, supported and heart-filled, it’s much easier to face challenges or embrace inspiration. As a result, we create with a greater sense of self-love and clearer intention, going out in the world to connect and craft in a mindful way that feels fulfilling and rewarding.


As of this moment, I invite you to create or refresh your soul comfort list! Then if you are feeling inspired, share it!


To tap into other aspects of creative self-care, check out my previous post Creativity Kick-Start: Practice Creative Self-Acceptance or Creativity Kick-Start: Change Up Your Self-Care Practice. If you are looking for some audio inspiration for tapping into your inner wisdom, check out my podcast, Flirting With Enlightenment. To get some specific insights on how to shape a more supportive self-care practice, connect with me for an intuitive reading.