Ditch Energetic Scatter and Root Down with One Creative Step Forward

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When you have a big dream it’s not always easy to buckle down and focus on a single aspect of it, one creative step at a time. The rush of emotions and excitement you feel when connecting with your vision can feel intoxicating and delicious, like it alone can feed you for months to come.


The haze of excitement is a great kick-off fuel that motivates you to go all in, but what about the little actions that make a creative project a reality? What about the grounding steps you need to take in order to plant, nourish and grow a creative seed in a mindful way? If you water it one day and then get distracted for the next three, what’s going to happen to your creation?


Realizing you need to take things one step at a time to get organized, find support and get the word out can feel a little frustrating and overwhelming. Yet, it’s this very process that gives you an opportunity to ground yourself at every step and root your dream into a solid foundation.


Notice What Scatters your Mind and Energy


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Last week I had a conversation with a good friend over coffee about timing and making a difference with our creative intentions. The desire to reach larger numbers of people in our individual unique ways was front and center on our minds, and truthfully, overshadowing our day-to-day focus. We both felt a bit energetically scattered, jumping into the future instead of focusing on the present or the power we had in our hands to connect with at least one person right now.


During our coffee date we were able to remind each other that one step forward is what matters most. It roots down your bigger vision with one intentional heart-centered action that keeps you in alignment, while also leaving room for a little magic to dance into the picture. Use our experience as a reminder to take note of your own “hot buttons”, and realize when your energy and focus scatter into the wind.


Keep it Simple and Make it Count


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Bringing something to life takes creative vision combined with the diligence, dedication and grounded forward action to help it grow. Take the euphoric feeling you experience when connecting with the vision of a creative project, and use it as a beacon to clearly illuminate all of the specific steps you need to take along the way to make the idea real.


Find one practice that can help you get grounded each day – walking, yoga, time outdoors, meditation, cooking, journaling, an inspirational video or music, and do it every day. Really be present in the act and settle in to ground yourself, your idea and energize you both.


Pair that practice with at least one step towards your dream each day, however small it may seem. Make a phone call. Create a calendar. Reach out to an online resource you think can help. Slowly build the the road you need to move forward in grounded action, paint the creative vision you see in your mind and heart and turn it into a way of life.


What are some simple practices you use to get grounded and focused each day? How do you use little “wins” to stay on track?


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