Ditch Energetic Scatter and Root Down with One Creative Step Forward

  When you have a big dream it’s not always easy to buckle down and focus on a single aspect of it, one creative step at a time. The rush of emotions and excitement you feel when connecting with your vision can feel intoxicating and delicious, like it alone can feed you for months to come.   The haze of excitement is a great kick-off fuel that motivates you to go all in, but what about the little actions that make a creative project a reality? What about the grounding steps y … [Read more...]

Creative Simplicity Starts When you Break Free from the Known

  The idea of breaking free from the familiar can seem complicated and messy, but it’s how you move beyond the rules you create for yourself to connect with creative simplicity.   Creative simplicity is a term I’ve come up with to describe what I strive for in my own life. It’s that sweet spot of being in the creative flow while freeing the mind, emotions and releasing judgments so I can be with what is.   I see creative simplicity as practice not a goal, and it’s of … [Read more...]