Soul Lessons and Being Present Through Change

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When you get down to it, soul lessons drive our path forward while acting as a reflection of how well we know ourselves. 


It doesn’t matter if you are a creative entrepreneur, parent, healer, 9 to 5-er, young or old. Soul lessons inspire what leads to our desires and the inner calling to understand ourselves better. They also keep us moving forward towards change, offering ample opportunities to shed things, people, beliefs, and ways of life along the way.


I think one of the most beautiful things about soul lessons is how they are instrumental in what we create and what we are able to see. In all areas of life.


Some soul lessons are born as a side effect of living through unsupportive habits that reveal how we are mindlessly hurting ourselves, often unintentionally. Others help us blaze a path into areas that scare yet intrigue us, because creating the new can be as scary and lonely as it is inspiring.


While we may not be creating something new that transforms the world around us just yet, we are transforming ourselves. And our efforts always extend to the external while we grow, especially when we are present with how change unfolds for and within us.


Sometimes the transition can be hard. Like, heartbreakingly hard. Things pile on all at once. Our bodies feel slow and sluggish. The mind is scattered, making us feel ungrounded or wrong for being ourselves.


Yet, soul lessons offer a bolt of light and inspiration. They give us an opportunity to embrace our emotions rather than ignore or belittle them. And when we honor what we feel, we actually get the clear direction we are looking for, but couldn’t quite see. We easily tune into the next step on the path because we can listen to the heart and mind objectively, without being controlled by them. We are able to sense what step is next, because all other directions fail to resonate.


This change of seasons, listen deeply to your heart and soul. What is calling to be heard or created? What is old, tired, and ready for retirement? How can you be more patient with everything, including yourself?


And, most importantly, meditate on lessons the soul is trying to share, as well as the changes it’s nudging you to embrace, to help amplify the heart’s voice.


Many people say they want to change, but offer it up as lip service or wishful thinking. Others step into change, only to regret it at every step and retreat into the old.


Be bold. Step forward. Rock those soul lessons because I know you can, and you do, too.


Want to dive deeper and get some insight on what your soul may be trying to tell you? Connect with me for some creative coaching or an intuitive reading. To read more on a similar topic, check out What do you See as Barriers to Success? Why? Interested in joining forces with other creatives to stay inspired and create? Join my Creative Mastermind. For inspiration via podcast, check out mine, Flirting With Enlightenment where I provide further tips on tapping into your inner wisdom.