Finding Your Creative Sweet Spot

  Do you know your creative sweet spot; that space where you feel free, empowered, and clear to create anything? Where all the pieces of the puzzle fit together in a way that makes you confident, and inspired to create without burning out?   If you do, keep rocking it!   For the rest of us juggling lots of interests and passion projects, the creative sweet spot moves. A lot.   At times it’s easy to find and nurture. Our vision is clear and feels on p … [Read more...]

What Motivates your Creative Voice? 5 Ways to Find Out

  Our creative voice is a lively blend of beliefs, fears, experiences, creative tension and the choices we make along the way - all rolled into one. This mixture of chaos and beauty helps us dig in to find our truth and ways to share it.   In the middle of all these moving parts, it can be hard to pinpoint your true creative motivation. Motivation is a feeling that inspires a heart-felt or idealistic way to take action, as much as it’s sparked by the need to change or expand p … [Read more...]

Creativity Kick-Start: Tips to Find your Core Creative Motivators

Creative motivators are practices or tools you use to get inspired, focused and in the groove to take action. Within the last 5 years, access to an endless supply of creative motivators has opened up through online resources, classes, teachers and coaches, yet, people still feel disconnected from themselves and what makes them feel creatively fulfilled.   Why?   There are more resources available than quality time to move through them. Notice I said quality time. You can … [Read more...]

What’s your Eye Candy? Use it to Spark Creative Inspiration

The phrase “eye candy” is more than a silly euphemism, it’s a great way to describe how powerful images can spark creative inspiration. Colors, nature, pretty clothes, cuddly critters or pictures of mouth-watering food you can almost smell through the screen - each apply pressure to your creative nerve in different ways. Whether it’s a nudge or a full-body, zombie-like trance depends on how in tune you are with what inspires you, and if you are spending time in places that feed your creative soul … [Read more...]

Creativity Kick-Start: Release Outdated Goals

  I chatted with a few very creative, soulful folks recently about gaining traction towards creative desires, and we wandered onto the topic of setting and using goals as a tool to focus energy and efforts.   Personally, I have a bit of a challenge with the word goal. It feels a bit restrained and limiting. I prefer terms like objective, vision or task - they feel more open and flexible, even though they are also used to describe something very specific. But alas, the word … [Read more...]