Soul Lessons and Being Present Through Change

  When you get down to it, soul lessons drive our path forward while acting as a reflection of how well we know ourselves.    It doesn’t matter if you are a creative entrepreneur, parent, healer, 9 to 5-er, young or old. Soul lessons inspire what leads to our desires and the inner calling to understand ourselves better. They also keep us moving forward towards change, offering ample opportunities to shed things, people, beliefs, and ways of life along the w … [Read more...]

Gut Feeling Versus Brain: Who Wins?

Do you think it or feel it? Decisions, that is. I do a little of both in most situations. I used to be all head and logic, thinking myself into a tornado of what-ifs. They would circle me at higher and higher speeds, increasing in number by the minute. Soon I was whipped into a frenzy of anxiety and frustration, when nothing had actually even happened yet. On the flip side, thoughts like, "maybe its best to be patient and see what happens, got jacked by my brain and ego screaming -- MY WAY, … [Read more...]