Creativity Kick-Start: Call on your Creative Tether to Weather Doubt

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When life gets crazy complicated and things seem anything but settled, take a few moments to connect with your inner creative tether.


In times of uncertainty and chaos it’s easy to start over-thinking every future move or doubting what you’ve already done. Soon everything seems wrong and you are struggling to remember exactly how you ended up on the path you face ahead. You might also start wandering into  “why me?” territory.


This is a perfect time to shut everything else out of your mind, take a deep breath and connect with your creative tether – a go-to tool, belief or project that reminds you of who you really are underneath all the external noise and distractions.


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Maybe it’s a photo you took during a favorite trip that came out perfectly and reminds you of feeling light and free. It could also be a creative project you tinker with in your free time that unleashes a different aspect of your self-expression; a way for you to get out of your head for a while. In many ways, a simple act of present moment awareness acts as a creative tether, reminding you to simply stop and open your heart to express gratitude for what’s happening in the moment, right now.


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Don’t let doubt pull you under, forcing you to rethink, worry and start fearing what’s ahead. It’s human to have second thoughts, even when you are on the right path. Going after what you desire isn’t the easy way, otherwise everyone would be doing it.


A creative tether can be a go-to approach you always use or a new practice that feels right in the moment. Don’t worry about it being practical, thought out or unique. It just has to feel good and remind you to stop and remember how your way of simply “being” is creative, even if you feel anything but.


The rewards you find within yourself along the journey are what you don’t plan for, but are the best medicine for soothing doubt long-term- even if you feel like you are floating without a clear destination during the process.


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Going with the flow is much easier when you can honor the clear creative calling in your soul towards something that will recenter you.


What’s your creative tether this week?


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