When Does Lettin’ it Ride Turn into Avoidance?

It’s common knowledge that allowing space and time around difficult situations, people or important life decisions is a simple way to provide new perspective. Lettin’ it ride takes the pressure off, releases the emotion from a situation and gives it a breath of fresh air, allowing new insights time to take root. That’s what being a mature adult is all about, knowing when to say when -- so to speak. But when does letting the path to something emerge on it’s own turn into old fashioned avoidan … [Read more...]

It’s all in the Handshake, Baby: Authenticity and Non-verbal Clues

With digital overload and limited face to face time, handshakes are more important than ever. In fact, handshakes may be the one and only time you have physical human contact with a potential long-term connection, so fire up those peepers and pay attention! I put a lot of stock in a handshake because it tells you something much more truthful than the words pouring out of a person’s mouth. A handshake can corroborate or dispel the image a person throws out at you, as much as they can clearly d … [Read more...]