Do You Embrace or Suppress the Creative Storm Brewing Within?

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There’s a creative storm brewing within you right now. Yes, you.


It might not feel like much of a storm. Perhaps it seems more like a collection of thoughts, desires, emotions, and experiences circling about, building momentum. Churning. Brushing up against each other, causing a little friction and fire as they dance together.


But that’s how the creative spark works.


It’s not a mind thing, it’s an inspiration thing. A feeling thing that’s unique to you. It’s a mix of your daily experience, what you are ready to release, the things you love and want to build, and a vision of your path – all mushed together – until it’s no longer disjointed. Bit by bit, it blossoms into a creative storm building itself into an expression, yet to be defined.


Each day you sense and experience things you can’t always put to words, or express them in a way that brings you relief, comfort, joy or something describable. While you don’t have to identify or explain every emotion that rises to the surface, you CAN channel that energy into a form of creative self expression.


An active creative process helps you make sense of your life and yourself, as much as it helps you feel connected, or not, to the things you create.


Your creative impulses are often misunderstood at first because they emerge initially as emotions. Triggers. Things that bring tears to your eyes or pain to your heart. Indescribable joy and love that has no word equivalent. Yet, it’s these emotional connections, the things that move you, that are the starting point of creative energy, the beginning of deep, authentic inspiration to act and create.


What does that “feeling” look like on the page or canvas? How can time in the garden or playing with a craft project help you connect with the energy that wants to make itself known through you, through your unique eye and perspective? What ways can you embrace the creative storm brewing within so you don’t have to pull the mind into explaining emotions, a task it’s not designed to manage?


There will always be a reason to say no to embracing the creative storm brewing inside of you. But, what if you said yes to the call to explore instead? What if you agreed to look, feel, and own what resides deep in your cracks and crevices to acknowledge and set it free in your art and creative voice, without judgment?


The more you open to seeing your inner creative storm as motivation to express natural gifts and connect with your emotions, the easier it is to see the “storm” as the birth of something new to create, instead of something to suppress or fear.


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