Change Up the Brush That Paints Your Creative Perspective

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A change in seasons is on the way and along with it, an opportunity to change up your creative perspective and how you open your heart to exploration.


There are standard changes that come in every season through nature. New things are about to bloom, others are about to complete their journey and need to be released. Seasonal foods, smells, travel opportunities, weddings, classes, or jobs are also often part of this shift. And let’s not forget all the baby critters finally emerging, reminding us about the importance of playfulness in learning and self expression.


All of these shifts in energy are like a little nudge from the universe to change up your brush, so to speak, to see and work from a new creative perspective. This internal, and seasonal, shift offers you an opportunity to consider how a refresh of resources offers different insights, and opens the path to desires you may not have been able to integrate “last season”.


For some, switching the creative perspective can come from changing when you wake up or go to sleep, spending more time outdoors, taking camping trips or traveling, attending outdoor music festivals or art shows. Other opportunities are discovered through classes or hands on work in the garden. For those dipping into winter, creative perspective can be clarified or expanded with more indoor time reading, listening to music, learning different skills, or connecting with new people that support your creative self expression.


Ultimately, the what and where doesn’t matter as much as the willingness to open up to the energy of new experiences by actually inviting them in. By allowing the changes that are a natural part of the seasons to touch your heart in new ways, and not to be afraid if what’s revealed requires big changes you don’t know how to navigate just yet.


Choosing a New Brush


Routines and rituals are great at keeping you grounded and feeling protected or safe. They also periodically need freshening up, allowing you to do two key things:


  • Embrace what you don’t know and want to understand or discover about yourself
  • Process or synthesize what has come to pass and needs to honored, expressed, or created


Taking the step towards using a new brush may mean saying goodbye to things at the same time. It might require you to be honest with yourself about what makes you happy, or to admit the truth behind why you are still using a brush that only paints pictures that keep you stuck in the past. It calls for the courage to see more, then step into being it with faith while trusting yourself and the process.


Most importantly, you need to call on ways to merge what’s in your head and heart into creative expression in the world. This is how you honor your own creative evolution while lighting the way for others close behind you on their own path.


So be willing to step into new creative perspectives led by your heart, even if they have no logical path forward. Think about what you value AND why. Open up to unexpected connections and opportunities that might make you a little scared. Switch up the brush, path, or attitude you usually use to open to the world and express yourself. Be willing to try a completely different way of creating to play more and move past behaviors that keep fear at the forefront. 


Calling on the same old worn pathways generates the same fears and predictable results, after all. I say, dare to change your creative perspective and allow the unexpected to come into your heart to play for a while.


Interested more reading to help you dig deeper? Check out my post, Finding Your Creative Sweet Spot. For personal support schedule a coaching session. To keep creative juices flowing and gather ideas to go full force into creative expression come fall,  join my Creative Mastermind this summer online.