Get Raw to Tap Into Next Level Creativity

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If you identify as a creative or entrepreneur, you are secretly, or not so secretly, looking to tap into next level creativity. Especially when things feel stale and too predictable.


You can take things into your own hands and actively cause a little chaos to shake things up. And while blowing up your own life can be an interesting distraction and adrenaline rush, it’s not always a way to next level creative expression (but sometimes necessary).


So for the many creative entrepreneurs trying dig deeper into their own creative magic, manage day to day business responsibilities, and create content consistently, it’s easy to hit a bit of a wall managing it all. Being “responsible” and stretching creatively can often feel at odds. And with so much to consider in the creative mix, it’s easy to hold yourself back. To avoid going within to explore a raw feeling or emotion and connect with next level creative insight because it may be big, intense, and have an unpredictable impact on your life.


Yet, going within is also the most important tool you have in your creative tool belt


Be Willing to Survey the Inner Landscape


Instead of looking for external ways to add in some creative fire, think of ways you can go within and look deeper instead.


How can you tap into the emotions around:

  • Loss
  • Fear
  • Unexpected joy
  • Patience
  • Overall personal change, chaos, or friction


Tucking into pockets of raw thought and emotion is great to put into a journal, helping you gain perspective and see things more objectively. However, finding a way to express them outwardly, while really digging into nuances and personal insights, is what gets you to the good stuff.


It’s the doorway for tapping into next level creativity and inner healing at the same time.


When you can dig deep into feelings and really sit with them, let them move through, you begin to notice very powerful insights about your emotions. More specifically, how the emotions you are feeling influence the way you see yourself, life, and the unique experience you are moving through right now. You can also see a deeper truth – how it’s all temporary, and ways an experience enables you to tap into the rawness of the moment to create in a new way.


It may feel like a small action in the physical, but what if your life could be forever changed because you wrote a blog post that helped you tap into something deep and raw that was spinning in your head for days? That opening up on a podcast, and speaking about a heartfelt challenge in a stream of consciousness way, brings you to a sudden realization about yourself, your situation, or the greater world? Or how the song you happened to find on the radio featured just the right combination of words to open you up and truly see or feel, and now your view of everything is forever shifted.


This is how you dig into next level creativity – just by being willing to be present, honest, and raw with yourself, moment to moment.


Doing the Thing That Feels Counter-intuitive


next level creativity, creativity, creative katrina, raw emotions, rawness, cloud, face, black and white, feelings, creative expression, healing


The more you stay connected to the rawness within (or lack of it) the better equipped you will be to understand how to work with the creative state you are in right now.


When things feel stagnant or as if your creative spark has flamed out, you are ready to push out of your comfort zone into something new, more intense, and own it. If you are feeling really raw, there’s something there that wants to be seen and acknowledged, not avoided. Embrace it.


Also keep in mind that the intensity of a raw spike of creative inspiration changes over time. You get used to the creative pangs and they may feel muted, less powerful or firey. It’s all part of the learning process. You can feel the creative wave, and stay grounded in the present, familiar with your own ebb and flow, which is great for energy balance. But, those creative spikes may also lack the intensity and creative punch you crave to crack open next level creativity.


Embrace and Process the Feels for the Gold


There’s only so much you can think into existence. It’s in the rawness, the deep ends of the emotional spectrum, where you step into the feels and really own them, not just talk about them in an abstract way.


Maintaining awareness of where you are triggered offers up volumes of material for creative growth and expression. Sharing your voice and experiences helps you heal, while inspiring another person. At the same time, you contribute to the world around you, breaking down barriers in ways you don’t even realize, because you were brave enough to share your personal unpolished, oh so firey rawness. 


I can’t end this post without sharing my own rawness, of course. At the moment, I’m rethinking relationships of all kinds. What do they mean? What do I have to offer, and what do I want? How can it look? Does this relationship fit into the life I’ve created for myself, or am I ready to blow it all up and start again? How do my relationships change the way I work and what I create from my heart?


Not clear on the answer to any of these questions, just yet. What I will tell you is that it feels uncomfortable. Down right discordant. Confusing. Lonely while being freeing at the same time. I also know on the other side I will be a truer, more honest version of myself than I’ve ever been, even if life looks completely different, (or just different in my own mind and heart), because I’ve shifted into healing and deeper acceptance.


Be brave. Jump in. Feel. Tap into the raw, next level creativity and inner healing waiting for you there.


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