Why It’s Essential to Blaze a Fresh Trail Between Playing it Safe and Taking Risks

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We each have a unique way of playing it safe or taking risks with our life choices and self-expression. 


It’s influenced by our age, personal circumstances, levels of fear, and patterns we’ve learned while growing up. The hurt we have accumulated, and held onto, also plays a big role in how we blaze this trail for ourselves, and what we expect is possible for us.


For example, risks within a relationship may seem so much scarier than the ones along our career path, or vice versa. Perhaps there are societal or family pressures getting in the way of what we really want or feel confident in choosing. Or, maybe the hidden creative desires we hold close to our hearts, but secret from the rest of the world, are the scariest risk of all because we must be willing to own and share our gifts despite the potential for judgment.


No matter what we have learned, been told, or believe about safety and risk, our choices are often heavily related to the reward we expect to receive vs the pain to get there. This pain/gain set-up directly relates to how we feel about expressing our true, authentic selves creatively and otherwise.


While movies, television, and the ego will paint a picture of what levels of safety and risk are required to be “successful” or “happy”, we need to find the unique sweet spot within our own life, and get clear about why we determine certain things as safe or risky. Too much action one direction makes us lopsided and out of balance, as we constantly, and subconsciously, strive for what we feel is missing out of the other type of experience.


Then there’s the unpredictable nature of life, tossing us surprises that throw everything into question, especially when it comes to what seems like risk or safe bet. This is where our friend “feelings” come in to help guide the way.


Walk the Path That Feels Right, Not the One That Looks Good On Paper


taking risks, fear, creativity, creative roots, safety, risk, sand, feeling, trail


Knowing ourselves, what we want, owning where we are scared, why, and if it’s still valid in the present moment offers a beautiful opportunity to grow in ways we never knew we could.


It all comes down to getting clear on how we feel. Not the surface level stuff or what the mind is telling us to feel, but what we actually feel and why something matters.


In the age of information there’s endless research, experts, and arguments for and against everything. That’s what makes tapping into the heart to find the best answer, risk assessment, or compromise, a way to put our true creativity to work. We need to play, innovate, examine and brainstorm to find the balance of what we feel, want, and what is, in the flow of the moment. Then taking risks in a way that supports our creative truth becomes an intuitive knowing rather than a mental shoot-out. 


Here are some simple things to keep in mind when starting to blaze a fresh, new trail between playing it safe and taking risks that break us open to our juicy, intuitive core:


  • Take time to get to know yourself, then forge a path ahead to emotionally and creatively support the true self, not the “larger than life” version of self.
  • Clarify and outline key goals or dreams, and create an easy way to focus on them daily, weekly, monthly etc., practicing balance between motivation and self-pressure to succeed.
  • Parse out what may be peer pressure vs genuine desires and personal creative ambitions.
  • Move into a space of allowing, flow, and not knowing as often as possible, without having to constantly choose the safe bet or the risky option to avoid unease of being in limbo. Get comfy with trusting the answer will be clear when it’s time. 
  • Practice grounding techniques like yoga, walks in nature, deep breathing, to honor what emotions come up (fear, not being good enough, self-doubt) when choosing safety or risk, and be willing to sit with the discomfort to fully express them.


When we blaze a fresh, unique trail between playing it safe and putting it all on the line by taking risks, we are allowing the creative self shine at it’s brightest.


What are some ways you can be more open to taking risks or choosing some safer bets to build a strong foundation for self-healing, growth and thriving?


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