Creativity, Intuition and What Following your Heart Really Means

creativity, intuition, heart


Follow your heart – it’s a common phrase that’s true yet over-used, insightful but also a bit nebulous, until you realize the power of it’s simplicity as a reminder to practice listening to your intuition.


If you make a regular effort to get quiet and turn inward, even in the smallest of ways, your inner voice starts to slowly emerge from the background with more clarity and vitality. What seemed like a bunch of unclear, out-of-focus background noise begins to shape into a more consistent gentle voice that feels like home and puts you at ease.


And that voice is coming straight from the promptings and insights of your heart.


As you start to get used to what your heart’s voice sounds and feels like, you recognize it’s call and trust it’s words first and only. Everything else is just a distraction.


This is the same voice that moves you past creative blocks, illuminates your passion and guides your creative path – if you are ready to listen to it.


Your creativity and intuitive inner guidance are absolutely intertwined – never doubt it. The more you make an effort to listen to your intuition and trust it above all else, the more connected you feel to your creative self expression and understand, at a very deep level, what the creative within really wants to share during your time in this world.


trust is the glue, creativity, intuition


The Trust Factor is the Glue 


When you trust what your heart is telling you, even when it makes no sense and the “how” is lost in a fog, you are taking the leap of faith into the core of creative fire. This is where inspirations, ideas and passions ignite, where they wait for you to jump in and join hands through the trust you have in your intuition, creative ability and yourself.


So next time you hear the phrase “just follow your heart”, take it beyond the surface-level meaning of wishful thinking and trite overuse. Smile because you know it’s a simple reminder of how crafting a deep heart connection is the action step towards what you really want to create – how to share your light and add more love into the world, just by being yourself.


What’s more beautiful and natural than people following their intuition and sharing the voice in their heart to create something that’s honest, true and real?


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Photo credit: TavinsOrigami, Alice Popkorn