Fine Tune Observation Skills to Fire Up Creativity

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There’s something to be said for amping up quiet observation skills. To actively listen to what’s just beneath the surface, or feel into the vibe of the room or situation before even one word is spoken.


Call it “spidey sense”, intuition, or gut feeling, all of these factors tie into how you observe, what you “hear”, how you relate, and subsequently, create.


The way you listen also changes with each experience. What you learned, how you may or may not have gotten burned, and a little sprinkle of positive feedback each help shape personal perspective and actions.  


Why is this distinction important? Well, creativity is about the act of creating as much as it’s about the act of perceiving.


Tuning into what you hear through your ears, heart, the energy of the moment, and your feelings about it all, each have a role to play in the overall creative process. Each element also influences how you see the creative path forward, and your willingness to take the first step.

Practice Balancing Observation with Action


Observation skills are a powerful tool to continually fine tune and play with each day, but you also need to feel into when to implement those insights.


Sit and observe too long you can psych yourself out and never actually doing anything. On the other hand, taking extra time to think about the short and long benefits and risks can set you up with a sweet new process, project, or a client that aligns very well with your skills and desires.


Leap without doing any research, inner questioning or emotional check in, you may step into something that acts as a huge distraction. Yet, jumping in without over thinking can inspire you due to the simple fact you need to make it work with whatever is on hand at the moment, MacGyver style.


Neither choice is better than the other. However, they are an example of extremes that can serve as a way to take observation skills to the next level, and find unique, creative ways to apply them to decision making or your creative process.

Getting Ready for Things to Amp Up


As we step into a new year with Capricorn energy that’s all about structure and improving internal and external processes, it can help to step back and review how you observe and take action on a regular basis.


  • Do you take stock of what you have and want and tie it to a bigger vision you are working towards? Or do you just keep doing what’s interesting and engaging to the heart in the moment?
  • Are you always fine tuning what you think you want to do, but never really do anything about it?
  • Are you over thinking and following “rules” from all the marketing seminars and classes, but don’t feel inspired to add in your own spin to effectively integrate it into your existing creative structure or business?
  • Is there a creative ritual you practice daily to clear out the clutter, tune in and focus?
  • How often are you doing grounding things such as exercise, healthy eating, meditation etc? Do you notice how you are able to connect with and use creative energy more effectively when you do?


Good, quality observation brings you closer to what you want to create and why. It lights up the truth around your unique, authentic voice, and how to use what you see, feel, hear, and intuit to create from a place of heart. Actively improving observation skills also opens up new ideas and pathways, while offering a way to release old patterns and judgments that no longer serve you.


The most important thing to remember is that motivation is a very personal process. It does not match up with the calendar, what the mind is telling you to do, or the time table of everyone else around you. Fine tuning observation skills can go a long way in understanding the ebb and flow of your own emotions, and discover ways to maximize pockets of natural productivity and creative inspiration.


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