Weekly Creativity Kick-Start: Clear Out Online Clutter

In the digital age, online clutter and can pile up faster than a storm dumping snow in the mountains of Colorado. Online clutter can also easily start messing with your creative flow, especially if you are faced with old emails, contacts and never ending spam each time you get in front of the computer. If you find that your energy seems zapped more than usual after you’ve been on the computer and you are unable to focus, it might be time to do a bit of online spring cleaning for a creativity k … [Read more...]

Opening Awareness to your Creative Flow in Daily Life

It’s easy to say you want to be more connected to your creative flow in daily life. Yet, if I ask most people what being in the creative flow looks or feels like, it’s not easy to explain.   So, is it necessary to always “know” if you are in creative mode instead of just riding the wave of inspiration? Not at all. However, if you are feeling more and more disconnected from yourself, or if flickers of creativity seem to be missing from your life altogether, it can be a sign that your cr … [Read more...]

Diminishing Creative Gains? Time for a Gut Check

Every creative has experienced a period of diminishing creative gains. You know what I mean -- it feels like you are producing a product or a result more than creating something beautiful from the heart, and it can start to weigh on you. Clients have needs (and demands) and since they are paying, they get first priority (says your mind). So when the line of creative joy and obligation are fully intertwined and your creative twinkle is waning, it’s time to hit pause and do a gut check. Stress, … [Read more...]

Why You Avoid Creative Change and Stay Stuck

Electric creative change. It’s everywhere. In and between people. Around big, community shifting issues. Among business connections and collaborations. And as fresh creative ways of thinking and being are coming to the surface right now, it’s time to decide; same old comfy shoes this round or time for a fresh, sparkly pair of new kicks?   Sometimes fear chooses for us. “Same old shoes for me, thank you. I have enough crap I’m dealing with already.” Other times we pull out the dusty old … [Read more...]

The Beauty of Living Life Open-Ended

As a professional writer I'm trained to get things exact. Hit the target. Get a reaction. Maximize the word choice. Make an impact and make it count. All honorable things to shoot for in impeccable journalism or marketing-based writing. When the same approach is used as a way to look at life -- not so much. Often we view our experiences as "if I just knew, if I could just figure out. if they would just" and then we slowly trail off down the rabbit hole, succumbing to a whole new realm of … [Read more...]

Release the Old to Inspire Creativity

As we move along in our hurried lives we collect. We collect ideas, habits, people and thought patterns. Then the realization hits us; we are bogged down feeling heavy, stuck or even trapped. The sudden desire to change something in our lives, anything, comes bubbling up in ways we never expected. We search for any way to find just a little breathing room, and that where the tough part comes in… figuring out what to release to regain flexibility and creative inspiration. Its easy to keep d … [Read more...]

Creative Kickstand: Time to Rev Up or Take a Break?

  People often think creativity as an act of doing, when really it starts as a act of being. Being in the moment, being aware, being open to and delving into feelings; that is where you dive into the creative meat, the real deal.   Seeds of inspiration come from observing so many things; yourself, your surroundings, your past, but they don’t always show up when you want them to. So, when you come to a creative pause what is best? To try and push through the barrier with the e … [Read more...]