Release the Old to Inspire Creativity

As we move along in our hurried lives we collect. We collect ideas, habits, people and thought patterns. Then the realization hits us; we are bogged down feeling heavy, stuck or even trapped. The sudden desire to change something in our lives, anything, comes bubbling up in ways we never expected. We search for any way to find just a little breathing room, and that where the tough part comes in…

figuring out what to release to regain flexibility and creative inspiration.

Its easy to keep dragging along the collection of comfy dirty laundry as we go about our day, feeling increasingly exhausted and drained, because its familiar. The idea of stopping the merry-go-round seems almost as frustrating and overwhelming as keeping things status quo, and that is when its time to reflect and release.

Here are a few tips to help clear your plate and leave room for seeds of inspiration to sprout:

Clean the closets, physically and metaphorically. Get rid of old physical objects you no longer need including clothes, shoes, books, jewelry, furniture or any other possessions that clutter your space or hold memories you are ready to release. Bring the items for consignment, have a garage sale or simply donate the items; anything to recycle them to someone else who can use them in good faith. This enables you to release your baggage while helping someone else at the same time.

Re-think the people in your life. Are your friends and connections supportive or draining? Do they always suck up your time, or are they there to support you when you need it most? Although its definitely not as easy as relinquishing objects, people in your life that are a time and energy suck are even more damaging and take away creative life force. Think about who really matters to you, and how to slowly disconnect yourself from those who take away much more than they add to your life.

Make a list of must-haves vs. need-to-haves. When you are reviewing a cluttered life, the idea of what you must have to survive is very different from what you need to be comfortable. Stretch yourself and cut the extra fluff, especially the things that just fill time without a reward. Say no to something that no longer feeds our soul and say yes to some extra free time for creativity. Be OK with empty time that allows you to unwind without filling it with a “must”activity.

Build distraction-free time into each day. If all you can manage is the last ten minutes before you head to sleep, then make the most of it and get quiet. Pose a question to yourself about what you are ready to release; you will be surprised what pops into your head if you just give it the time and space. You might even get more information on it while you sleep.

Think about where to invest creatively. Is there passion in your life you never seem to find time for? Is there something you would do as a group, but struggle with on your own? Then find a collection of like minds; build that creative support system around a shared passion. You will soon realize the other unnecessary tasks and activities will naturally fade away because they do not feel nearly as good as following your passions.

Welcome the shift with open arms. As you change and release the old the new will come in, but it will definitely feel different. Don’t judge it, just be with it as much as possible knowing the changes are to help lighten your load. Just like a baby who kicks the pacifier habit, you can also let go of your adult pacifier(s) and grow into a more evolved you.

Celebrate! Award yourself for doing one of the hardest things for anyone to do, to be honest with yourself and release into a new way of living and being.

Best of luck as you review the clutter in your life. As we leave spring and glide into the summer season, what better time to take out the mental trash and open up to new possibilities.