Actively Play With Your Inner Journey Process to Kick-Start Creative and Intuitive Insights

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The inner journey process is a very unique, sacred and personal process. While we may be inspired by what other creatives, spiritually awakened or successful people do to make the most of their creativity and intuitive gifts, it’s still only a seed of external insight until we put it into practice.


Beyond what we learn from models and mentors, each of us need to shape a way to “go within” that works for how we think, the ways we tend to get stuck and the desires that move us towards our deepest inner growth and dreams. We need to go beyond a list of steps and venture into “where the wild things are” to forge our inner journey, sorting through what’s noise and what’s valuable to us.


This is the very essence of our creative process blended with intuitive guidance; the space where we get to choose what matters most, what we love and how we engage with or release it.


It’s time to go beyond a “formula” and actively play with the inner journey process, tip #4 of 7 Ways to Spark Creativity and Tap Into Intuition.


The Power of a Playful Attitude and How it Supports the Inward Journey


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When we can approach the connection with our inner self using a playful attitude:

  • It gives us permission to shift, change, play and experiment with our inner essence, honoring the growth of our “inside” as we achieve on the “outside”.
  • Cracks open the door to seeing ourselves differently, enabling us to get more in touch with our heart and creative and intuitive insights more freely.
  • Allows us the space to change, while providing a sense of consistency and balance that serves us in the present as we grow – time and time again.


To kick-start or move through this inward flow, approach the inner journey like an adventure rather than a duty.


When we embark on an adventure or try something new, we desire the element of surprise and the promise of change. We are looking for a way to mix things up and experience something fresh and new.


These are the same characteristics we enjoy about intuitive and creative insights! They surprise, challenge and inspire us, keeping life interesting; our inward exploration dynamic, fresh and expansive.


Experimenting with our path inward is what keeps creativity fresh and the strength of our intuitive skills growing. It gives us an “inner view” and crafts the emotional connection to what’s possible, so we can seed and ground those ideas into the physical world.


Time to Refresh the Way you Approach the Inward Journey?


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When we were younger, we not only learned and modeled behaviors, we inadvertently set these as a foundation for how to listen to ourselves and what we need on a physical, emotional and intuitive level. These models were not always healthy for our personal needs, or what we want to experience along our life path.


This is why it’s essential to play our way towards an inward journey process that resonates with who we are now.


Each one of us experiences moments when we can be open and grounded, allowing space for intuition to guide us throughout the day. Other times the mind is overactive, making it harder to get quiet and in tune with a deeper part of ourselves on the other side of the noise.


We can be one of these two extremes at any point within a day, or even the hour!


While meditation, exercise, eating well, balancing the chakras, spending time in nature and a variety of other tools offer clarity, each person needs to discover their way to connect with inner truth, practice it, then trust when something still serves or needs to change.


No matter what inner path we take, there’s a voice inside us that longs to be expressed and wants to be seen, even if only BY the self.


When we can craft an inner journey process that holds an energy of playfulness, we open the door to being surprised by our intuitive hits and creative “ah-ha’s”, while honoring the practice of the grounding steps that anchor us in the present in the way we need most.


How can you tell if your inner journey process needs a little fine tuning? 


For extra support for finding tools that help you along your inner journey, connect with me for an intuitive reading. You can also tune into my Flirting With Enlightenment podcast, to check out our episode called Simple Tips for Tapping Into your Brand of Inner Guidance.