True Clarity Within Starts With the Power of Your Words

From the questions you ask yourself, to the tapes running through your head, to the way you speak to others, how you find clarity in your life all starts with the power of the words you choose and the questions you pose outwardly. And yes, as a writer I pay way more attention to words that most people would, for obvious reasons.

But if you really stop and think about it, how different would things be if you actually thought about the true impact of your words on yourself and others before you ever uttered a syllable or formed a thought? Sat with a few few words to see what they really FELT like before you commit to using them to express yourself to see if they really resonate within?

What I’m talking about goes way beyond picking the “right” words to make a point, strengthen your argument or select the best phrasing for your website to get people to make a purchase. I’m talking about really getting present and clear on the words you truly want to say, not the words you think you SHOULD to appear a certain way or create an angle of opportunity. And yes, we all do that unconsciously at times.

It’s time for all of us to take a look at what we are creating within our own minds and how we talk to ourselves, as well as transform how we connect with each other by simply being present with another person — no matter what our mind or emotions are doing to distract us. There is no magic way to do this; it’s up to you to want to make the effort.

Words are Most Important When Things are Tanking…Fast

As you may have noticed, the last few months have brought with them intense change, upheaval and challenge. In our own ways, we are looking for explanations or the “why”; searching for just the right words that will make everything better, clearer and bright again.

There is never a more important time to think about the gravity your words and the true impact they have on your experience in this life.

This goes beyond the mantra of personal expression and being yourself. It’s a time when we need to feel what we say truthfully and deeply so that our authentic expression is natural and real. There is no way to make yourself SOUND real. It takes the commitment and release of any fear holding you back from saying what feels true. And this goes for internal thoughts as much as outward expression.

The more we can be present and honest with ourselves to not only ask the tough questions, but word them in a way that gets to what we truly are seeking, we will find peace, clarity and our inner power. Get specific. Feel into it. Push past the fears that trickle in by picturing them as bubbles that rise up and pop.

Just do it, because now is the time to start shifting towards the things you secretly desire and truly want for yourself and the world. Just know that the words that feel best will change right along with you — and that’s exactly how it should be.

Photo by susivihn