How Can You Create More Freedom In Your Life?

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Freedom is a powerful word.


We often strive to create more of it, but don’t realize how our routines are keeping us far from it.


Responsibilities can make us feel disconnected from our sense of freedom, shaping a mindset of “someday” instead of finding it in the now.


Then, there’s the physical aspects of freedom; how we are connected or disconnected from our body, feel stuck in a relationship, or struggle with a power dynamic within the scope of societal norms and prejudices. 


Freedom is scalable and relative to what we want, think we can create, and what we believe is possible, mixed with the reality of what we face each day. 


So when looking at freedom in this way, where are you hitting the wall? Why are you feeling stuck, and is there something to do about it? If you are pushing up against an emotion or fear, is there a way to own, accept, and move through it to find space and healing on the other side? 


And do you want to? 


At the end of every thought and emotion we challenge for ourselves, we reveal where we feel uneasy or out of balance. It’s not about fixing what we sense or experience, it’s about simply seeing it, then accepting it exists. Can we find freedom in that, in simply being ourselves and accepting what is without fixing it?


Seeing this doorway though to our emotions and feeling them openly is a path that enables healing and release of the old that keeps us limited. Then, our passions combined with a new sense of lightness and connection to ourselves as a result of our awareness, creates space for the heart to reach so much farther, breathe much more freely in daily life. 


Over the next few weeks, simply notice some of the judgments, routines, and thoughts you carry each and every day and how often they arise.  Are you open to finding more light in the cracks between them? Can you let in some acceptance, insight, and forgiveness? Is there a a way to simply “be”, when the mind continues to pile on more should’s, could’s, and guilt? Can you let those thoughts melt into the ether?  


Experiencing freedom is a daily practice that is at it’s peak when we can combine mind, body and spirit as committed collaborators. So when the body and mind tell you something is off, don’t fight it, invite it. Ask deeper questions, meditate, exercise, and be in nature. One is not more important than the other; together, as a force, they pave the way to greater creativity, freedom, and forgiveness. 


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