Give Wings to What Needs to Be Released or Take Flight

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As the energy of release continues with the bold, bright super moon , something even bigger is just over the horizon that’s being illuminated in our hearts. You may feel it, sense it or even dream of it, as it tosses and turns in waves within, waiting to be seen or noticed. Or you may realize something is simply so uncomfortable that it must go, whatever the cost. 


Welcome to the precipice of death and rebirth; the edge of intuition and reason. 


The mind is only part of how you relate in the world. It’s time for the heart to have an equal voice and creative power in your day to day life. If you feel frustrated, uncomfortable, irritated or ready to burst, congratulations. Something new is waiting to be born through your creative finger tips. 


Embracing a Shift Within Yourself, Without Judging How it Unfolds 


While the shifts taking place can feel intense at times, there is an opportunity of choice presenting itself more clearly than ever before. The elements of what you are struggling with are bigger than the space available to accommodate them, which means you can no longer tuck them into the closet under the seasonal footwear.  


The energy of purging has been with us for most of this month at a very strong level while at the same time, fresh passions, ideas and projects are waiting patiently for permission to take flight. This can feel like very confusing energy to manage, especially when you are looking for the one “right” path.  


Yet, there is no one “right” way to do things. The path you take is what you need to do for you, and it’s your karma to create within or destroy.


Connect With Inner Creative Resonance and Give it Wings


The most important part of where your energy can work for you is through paying attention to your inner creative resonance. What allows you to honor supportive self-care habits? In what ways can you take what you are curious about and build it into a playful part of your life? Are there things you desire that you hold secret, that can now break free with big, bright beautiful wings?


For regular readers of this blog, it’s no secret I love birds and wildlife. I was on a hike earlier today at Horsetooth Reservoir in Fort Collins, Colorado with my podcast partner Jamie, who is visiting from Columbia and we saw a hawk – one of my favorite birds and a personal totem.


If you told me a year ago we would ever meet in person, I would have said you are crazy. However, my passion project, Flirting With Enlightenment, has opened my heart in such unexpected ways because I took a chance and decided to collaborate with someone I met on the internet. Now, not only do I get to talk about things that spark my creativity and heart space on the podcast with Jamie, I’ve made a life-long friend in the process – all because I gave my dream some wings and allowed it to fly. 


Let your passion projects guide you right now away from what hurts and into something that drives you forward. Be honest with yourself and leave behind the limiting behaviors, thoughts and ideas that do nothing but keep you stranded in the same old space and thought mill. Believe in yourself enough to give your creative ideas wings and honor them by setting them free in the world, with permission to unfold into something you never thought possible. Let your invisible wings turn into real ones you trust to guide you. 


The more you can think of your life as a release and create cycle, the closer you get to building the life you truly want and honor the gifts you came into this life to share. 


And here is a little parting thought to inspire you to bravely release and expand in new directions…


Strip me of that which is false.. allow me to heal when I cannot understand or see. Empower me to embrace the deepest parts of my soul crying to be seen and heard, and give voice to the creative desires bubbling on the surface of my heart. 


What are some ways you already working on greeting and releasing parts of your shadow self? In what ways are you actively honoring your long-hidden secret creative passions? 


If you want to do some additional reading on a similar topic, check out my blog post, Observe Everything With an Open Mind and Stay Curious to Fine Tune Intuition and Creative Awareness.  If you are interested in getting a little creative fire for those long-hidden ideas, connect with me for a creativity coaching session. Want to listen to some insights on tapping into your inner wisdom? Check out my podcast, Flirting With Enlightenment