Observe Everything With an Open Mind and Stay Curious to Fine-Tune Intuition and Creative Awareness

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When it comes to shaping your creative eye and intuitive gifts, you already have one of the most powerful free tools available – the ability to observe.


The act of observation is a treasure chest filled with great toys to play with at any time. How you choose to use them is the key to amping up or diminishing their impact on your personal development path or life.


In many ways, our life purpose is nothing more than to make sense of our world and how we relate to it, then find our own unique creative self-expression along the way.


It’s why I chose observing everything with an open mind as tip # 5 of 7 Ways to Spark Creativity and Tap into Intuition. 


Deeper Perception Starts with Curiosity and an Open Mind


Taking the time to notice how you connect with and use the information you observe, and the emotional reaction to it. Observing can also tell you a lot about yourself, how you tap into your unique intuitive gifts or connect with creative inspiration.


Observing is the core catalyst that allows you to witness your own creative process in motion – and that is very powerful thing.


Practicing the art of simple, open-minded awareness enables you connect the dots between influences, the sparks that ignite your passion, the people who touch your heart, things you want to release or increase in your life – the list is endless. It’s the first step – a willingness to observe in a detached way – that propels you into a new way of thinking, seeing, being, creating and more.


Most importantly, a practice of observation helps you grow a stronger awareness around the way your unique creativity flows.


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When in the act of observing, you can opt to simply notice something, then release it from your mind, heart and memory.


Or, you may then:

  • Judge it, yourself and others
  • Get attached to what you see
  • Take it personally or take action

…or any other number of options.


Observation is only one factor that influences on our intuition and creative awareness process. The real power in using this gift is to practice “observing” with an open mind and stay curious in the process of discovery, without letting emotions influence what you notice.


Throughout the day, you make a series of decisions about what to take to heart or ignore, what to save and noodle over later, or what needs an immediate course of action. The fine line in this balance is to build a practice around what’s simple and true for you.


To get started on that path…


Observe everything and practice staying open-minded and curious.


This a gold mine for creativity and learning to trust your intuition! When we are open to just being, we can see so much more, get familiar with our unique strengths and weaknesses, and open up our view from a narrow hallway to a big bright sky full of stars and possibilities.


While a lightning bolt of inspiration is always a nice treat, most creative insights come from noticing the extraordinary within the ordinary. It’s how we are able to create relateable connections for ourselves and make things other people can relate to as well – because the “common seeds” craft a shared understanding between souls.


To begin building an observation practice to fine tune intuition and creative awareness, start with these 5 key things:


  • Listen and look more than you speak.
  • Find a quiet space and time each day to observe your own mind through meditation or time in nature; note what patterns come up each week.
  • Notice how your body feels in certain situations throughout the day – what makes you nervous, confident, bored etc., then write it down in a print or online journal.
  • Open up to finding the beauty in the every day through nature photos, following people who share an inspiring message or join a group of like-minded people.
  • Make note of situations where judgment creeps up on you and be open to understanding the root of it.


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One of my favorite things to do is ride in the car as a passenger. It helps me see things differently or notice new aspects I’ve missed, even though I’ve driven down the same road hundreds of times, or visited the same grocery store once a week for ages.


When you can see yourself as the passenger, it shifts your mindset to something more observant, inviting you to see with the mind, body and heart in new ways. It gives you a chance to be curious and playful with what you notice, and look forward to what’s next. 


Using your powers of observation as a lifelong practice not only gives you a deeper understanding of yourself, it allows you to marvel in the infinite creative possibilities while strengthening the intuitive senses. Now that can translate into some powerful creative awareness!


What are some ways you practice observing in your daily life from a place of open-minded curiosity?


For more tips on tapping into the power of observation as a tool, check out my blog post, The Power of Calling in the Explorer’s Mind Perspective. To get some intuitive insight on personal challenges or inner questions, schedule an intuitive reading with me. For more ways to tap into your inner wisdom, check out my Flirting With Enlightenment podcast.