Creativity Kick-Start: Refine the Edges of your Creative Integrity

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Creative integrity is a unique blend of what you believe and how you feel when you express that creative truth. It’s both fixed and fluid at the same time, shaped by how you “practice” being yourself.


As you build a flowing dynamic between your beliefs and self-expression, you get a clearer sense of what’s natural for you; an inner rhythm that simply allows you to “be” without actively thinking about it.


Now let’s toss in life’s biggest plot twist – dun dun dun…other people.


Each and every person has a unique idea of what creative integrity is for them and how it should be expressed – and every person is right. This diversity gives you an amazing opportunity to play with some powerful ways to refine your own creative integrity.


Think All you Want, Creative Integrity is About Present Moment Action


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It’s easy to think about what you would do to actively express your personal sense of creative integrity – it’s another to be called into action to show up as a living expression of your true self every day.


All those people around you acting as triggers? They are the perfect “mirrors” to help you sharpen and refine your personal definition actively in every moment. When your boundaries are pushed or the sting of frustration and discomfort courses through your body, you are receiving clear feedback; an invitation to scope out some new edges.


The more you practice connecting the feelings you experience with specific boundaries that are being triggered, the stronger your sense of creative integrity grows. You get clearer on where you stand with yourself, which is the most important yet most challenging thing to clearly see when you are in transition or feeling pushed.


To help you get back in sync with your natural rhythm and get clear on what you really need to support yourself, start with a few simple reflective questions:


  • Am I being shown something I can take in and use to expand my definition of personal creative integrity?
  • Am I ready to stand my ground, no matter what people say or think?
  • Are there certain situations or people that trigger me most?
  • Is there a way for me to refine my boundaries around what’s important and necessary for me to feel safe in expressing myself?
  • Can I let others express themselves freely without making it about me?


The more willing you are to look at how personal interactions shrink or expand your sense of self, the more clear and confident you will be in everything you do. Then your creative integrity can be about expansion and allowing others to freely express themselves – as it just bounces off your very clear personal boundaries.


Want a little more insight on how to build stronger creative boundaries? Connect with me for a some Creativity Coaching. You can also download my Mini Guide to Connect with your Inner Guidance and Creative Fire if you need a little extra help understanding the source of creative blocks.


Photo credit: Evan Leeson , Micah Esquerra