Awakening To Our Inner Creative Force and Natural Pace

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There is something so beautiful about connecting with our true inner creative force and allowing it to speak through us.


When we get the kiss of inspiration it’s a feeling like no other, and it’s touch is an opportunity for us to bring an idea or spark into reality.


Yet, it’s so easy to lose touch with inspiration energy as the mind jumps to obstacles, deadlines, comparisons, shoulds, expectations and “rules”. This is why inspiration can quickly die on the vine – we close our creative force down before we even listen within to explore what is possible through it.


The other challenge we all face is pairing pacing with patience. A consistent focus, intent and energy is all part of creating, of taking something within us and expressing it personally and/or professionally. A lot of the time, people are not connecting with their unique pace, but trying to match the pace of the world. This not only causes extra conflict, it keeps us from truly tapping into the unique design of our creative force.


Finding and Allowing What Is Within Us To Emerge


creative force, creativity, self-expression, change, pace, sunset, allowing


I was inspired by this image of the swan today for three reasons:


According to Animal Speak by Ted Andrews, swans are the one of the most powerful and ancient of totems, and represent the awakening of true beauty and power of the self.


Which got me thinking about how…


Swans also serve as a reminder to honor our personal creative force through self-discovery, love and lots of patience as we transition from perceiving ourselves as the “ugly duckling” into a beautiful swan that is confident, clear and capable.


And reminded me why…


It’s essential to understand how we view our unique path and find a way to be peace with the flow of our self-expression and natural gifts. Then we can more easily match pace with the lessons and learning we need to experience to create at a deeper level of understanding and acceptance.


Some of us beat ourselves up over goals unmet, others have big visions that take a lot of time, patience and diligence, and push themselves into burn out just to “make things happen.” No matter what we see unfolding around us or how successful people appear to be in the physical, there is no “right” way to create and build our lives. The swan reminds us that we are strong, capable and beautiful, but need to find a way to harness that creative force (and power) in our own unique, supportive way.


The creative force within will not be pushed, but it can be enticed and coaxed with inspiration, patience, self-love, consistent steps and acknowledgement of how we feel along the way. When we take time and show up for ourselves, we stop wasting energy on matching pace with the world to create, express, learn and grow on our own time table, in step with our soul’s path.


Doing it Your Way Brings Out the Inner Swan


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As an empath, I do have days where my emotions get the better of me and I have to do a little back-tracking before moving forward. I have to honor the feelings, give them space and then find a way to be gentle with myself as I identify them and let them go or just simply get grounded.


I also need to meditate daily, balance my chakras, work alone in quiet, get out in nature and leave space between deadlines. It’s taken me awhile to understand this AND honor it all consistently, and yes, I still have lots of days where I struggle with not being able to just “power through” like other people.


However, it’s in honoring my own unique pace that I’m at my most creative and confident because I’m doing what I need to support myself, not what the world says I need to do in order to be successful. In listening to what I need I not only work towards keeping myself balanced and healthy, I open up to interesting detours, new possibilities and deeper healing along the way.


If you want to tune in more clearly to your natural pace, here are some suggestions:


  • Keep a journal to track emotions and dig deeper into the roots of why certain things trigger or empower you
  • Be willing to go within and play with how to best serve your creative force with self-care, activities, building new connections, etc.
  • Take note of ways you try to match the pace of others, rather than yourself
  • Map out an ideal day and what you would do during it
  • Look at current routines and find a way to freshen them up with something more restorative


Change can shake us out of ruts and inspire us take a deeper look at our quality of life, but it causes chaos and feelings of uncertainty in the process. Whether we are changing due to desire or because life circumstances push us out of our super comfy nest filled with pillows and snacks, take a beat and meditate on the power and imagery of the swan.


Their long graceful necks act as a bridge, connecting our mind (upper chakras) with the body (lower chakras). This helps us take what is so natural, primal and beautiful within and find a way to “bridge” it to the outer world through how we use our creative force in art, relationships, businesses, crafts, food, health and so much more.


It’s time to honor the pace of your creative force in all you do. 


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