What Moves You?

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What truly moves you at your core? This simple question stirs up a range of layers and answers so dynamic, unique and inspiring, it’s possibly one of the most loaded questions a person can contemplate. But when you truly feel it in your soul, the experience of it beelines you to the heart of what makes you tick, acting as a window to directly connect you with your creative source. It’s an amazing thing to witness in yourself or others, and the end destination is always a surprise.

I can instantly dig in deep creatively through music. It’s raw connection gets me inspired in seconds. The words, a beat, a melody — they all work for different reasons. I fall in love with a certain song for a week and then it fades away, almost as if it has served its purpose and I’ve learned and grown. I’m partial to acoustic guitar, mandolin and unique voices of both sexes, as much as I get drawn instantly into the flow of Trance and Electronica or fall into the nostalgia of Classic Rock.

As a writer I drift towards lyrics with meaning as much as I connect with silly, pointless rhymes that get me giggling. I see the words as tool for healing, learning, laughing, sharing and connecting to others as much as the individual parts of myself, and the lyrics show up how I need them to in the moment. Paired with music, they create a unique expression that fills my soul in a way that just doesn’t measure up when I experience them independently.

The most inspiring element of the music for me is the crescendo, no matter the genre of music. As I follow the slow build up, connect to the intense feeling and pounding of the beat, jump inside the intensity of the wave of notes crashing down, I feel it in my core. It’s part of me for that moment — it fills my cells and helps me forget every last thought in my mind. I release everything and remain riveted in the present moment — feeling, connecting and showing up as a free soul.

We all need more moments of intense passion, creative inspiration and divine connection in our lives. Find out what gets you there and do it often. You will see how this consistent connection begins to reshape how you look at all elements of your life, and how easily you can celebrate the beauty of the fleeting present moment.

Photo by AlicePopkorn