Creative Inspiration is Sparked by your Attitude

  Creative inspiration, or lack there of, has everything to do with your attitude in the moment.   When you remain open minded and keep reaching toward what aligns with your inner guidance, you create space to be surprised and heart-inspired.  Any nuance can be the spark that gets you into a playful state of mind. The more you play, the more you notice a playful thread in everything around you and find cool ways to connect the dots into something tangible.   If you a … [Read more...]

Creativity Kick-Start: Build a Creative Inspiration List and Share It

  Creative inspiration is catchy - plain and simple. When you connect with or do things that inspire you that energy and effort lights you up, helping you resonate with your passion and purpose with ease.   How connected you are with what inspires you goes in cycles. At times it’s easy to be in tune with your natural creative spark. You have time and space in your day to do little things that keep you grounded and connected with your natural way of being. Yet, as often as life … [Read more...]

What Moves You?

What truly moves you at your core? This simple question stirs up a range of layers and answers so dynamic, unique and inspiring, it's possibly one of the most loaded questions a person can contemplate. But when you truly feel it in your soul, the experience of it beelines you to the heart of what makes you tick, acting as a window to directly connect you with your creative source. It's an amazing thing to witness in yourself or others, and the end destination is always a surprise. I can … [Read more...]