What Do You See as Barriers to Success? Why?


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Even when we are successful by a variety of standards, our mindset can continue to focus on barriers in our career, relationships, or life.


Some version of these questions might also pop into our head…


  • When will I be seen and noticed for my true value and talents?
  • How will this get me closer to what I see as “making it?”
  • What is wrong with me that I find it so hard to keep good friendships or relationships?


And so on…


With so much focus on what we don’t have yet, it’s more challenging to see what shows up right in front of us as opportunity, let alone act on it.


At the same time, we can lock into what we feel is the “right” choice for what we want, and keep pushing for it, without actually taking a step back to listen to what feels good now. Instead we shove harder, unwilling to accept anything less than what we perceive as our one “right” path.


These tendencies are common among us all, but we don’t always see them as the positive barriers they really are. We instead focus on how things aren’t aligning as we expect, and all the ways life is unfair. In addition, we see the option of stepping back to regroup as failure, rather than an opportunity or necessity for healing. 


Yet, experiencing these kinds of thoughts and random complications is part of how we begin to decipher more clearly what it is we do want, and what’s standing in the way of it. This push back is what can lead us to dig deeper and ask more specific questions; more finely tuned ones.


Such as… “What do I see as my barriers to success? Why DO I think or feel that way?


Here’s the reality underneath it all – it’s not always easy to get real with ourselves. We neglect to create space to listen for the answer, or overlook that insight takes many forms – as a literal sign, chance encounter, feeling, opportunity, or something else altogether.


The answers we want often don’t come in neat tiny packages, especially when there’s a lot of clunky, messy mental or emotional barriers to hearing the voice deep down in our soul.


Taking down our internal barriers to success takes deep listening, alone time, and practice engaging with our intuition, knowing how it speaks to us.  Is it tingles or sensations that alert us that something is in alignment? Are we seeing patterns or trends that share a similar message? Are we meeting new connections who are part of our soul family, awakening new awarenesses, clarity, or sharing a little extra love? Is there something beautiful and true about ourselves that we aren’t acknowledging for some reason?


Barriers are guides to deeper learning about how we stand in our own way, because they get our attention and put us in a position to pause and make a choice – same old same old, or crack open to try something new.


The next time barriers creep up along the creative path, make a commitment to ask new questions. See where they lead. Slow down to notice the non-verbal communication of the body around challenging emotional or mental blocks, what may have been overlooked unintentionally, or what fears drive our avoidance behaviors. Don’t judge, just take note and commit it to paper to acknowledge it’s existence. 


Most importantly, listen and stay open. Energy is always in a state of change, so the most powerful way to success is to know how to engage with the soul’s voice as it guides us through lessons and keeps us on track with our deepest desires in its own, special way.


For more insight on dealing with barriers to success, check out my blog post, How We Unleash Natural Talents When We Get Clear On Our No’s. If you would like to set up some creative coaching sessions or get an intuitive reading, learn more about these offerings here. Like podcasts? Check out mine, Flirting With Enlightenment.