Learn to Spot Your Distraction Tactics and Transform them into Creative Gifts

  Every single one of us has personal distraction tactics; the little things we do intentionally take our attention away from the task or issue at hand. Harmless in intention, our go-to distraction tactics are just like personality traits - unique to every person. They also tell us more about ourselves than we think.   In life there’s a time to focus on work and a time to relax, take in our surroundings, review what comes next and how to approach it. The more we focus, or beat … [Read more...]

Creativity Kick-Start: Tips to Find your Core Creative Motivators

Creative motivators are practices or tools you use to get inspired, focused and in the groove to take action. Within the last 5 years, access to an endless supply of creative motivators has opened up through online resources, classes, teachers and coaches, yet, people still feel disconnected from themselves and what makes them feel creatively fulfilled.   Why?   There are more resources available than quality time to move through them. Notice I said quality time. You can … [Read more...]

Time to Dispel your Own Creative Myths

Creative myths are a powerful force that gains momentum the more you repeat them. There are collective old-school myths like right-brained people are more creative or that creativity is purely an artistic expression. But what about the myths you’ve come to know very personally...because you made them up?   In many ways the creative myths you craft have served you, offering reasonable excuses that soothed the ego when you weren’t ready to move forward in a clear way, or when your fear s … [Read more...]