How We Unleash Natural Talents When We Get Clear On Our “No’s”

  The word “no” looks small on paper, but it’s a powerful word to express when it really means saying "yes" to something much bigger - our natural talents.   As little ones we learn about the word “no” pretty quickly. Sometimes we were doing something legitimately unsafe and needed to be redirected. Other times the word was expressed with annoyance because of the state of mind, mood, and ingrained personal fear patterns of our caregivers, making us a bit confused. … [Read more...]

Deep Down, Do You Really Know What’s Good for You?

People think they know what they need to feel good and fulfilled. More of this, less of that. Someone to bugger off for a while. A hug. A fight. More money. Less family. Anything sprinkled with chocolate shavings and kisses. The truth is, many people still aren’t sure at a deep, soul level. With the pressure of "shoulds" mashed with expectations, half-truths and delusions instigated by people who have made you doubt yourself, it takes some pretty extensive dedication to bypass the sea of fla … [Read more...]