What’s Your Biggest Obstacle to Creative Wholeness?

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Exploring the idea of creative wholeness is one of my passions as a creativity coach, intuitive, and writer. So this weekend when I selected The World card from The Wild Unknown deck to kick off my Sunday meditation, it got me thinking about the concept in a visionary way.  


I blog regularly about the idea of creative wholeness in its pieces, providing insights and ways to deepen a personal creative practice or mindset.  However, I was still drawn to writing about this word in particular. So I did what I always do, I took a peek through my archives to see what I’ve already written and get inspired.  


Then I found this post from five years ago. I realized how much it hit home, but had collected a bit of dust in “internet years”. 


Instead of writing an entirely new post on creative wholeness, I decided to freshen up this one. It was so interesting to look back and see the unique ways I was reaching and stretching into the purposeful creative work I desire for as long as this blog has been alive. During this time I’ve had my share of ups and downs, as we all do, but the ideas and practices still have so much power. They are a regular part of my personal self-care and coaching practice to this day. 


Sure, I had to do a little writing polish and reorganizing. But the voice of this post still holds up, all these years later, as well as the suggestions for how we can support ourselves and move closer to the creative wholeness we all seek.


Here’s the updated version: 


As I feel my way through the energy of the new year, playing with glints of inspiration, my mind is also drawn to places where I feel a lack creative wholeness and connection.


Some sore spots include projects or relationships that seems a bit unsettled, or have perhaps outlived their freshness date. Other areas that stand out are within my personal self-discovery work, where some aspects of my progress are still a bit scratchy around the edges.


When I sense this uneasy feeling, or lack of flow, it can create a need for me to “push” to reach an imaginary goal of “achievement”. These moments of choppy energy may be uncomfortable, but they are doing their job – to serve as the perfect reminder about my personal sense of creative wholeness and if it still resonates with my mind, body, and spirit. 


What we need and desire to feel creatively whole changes as we do; transforming alongside us as we live into our own changes and grow in various ways. However, we don’t always realize what’s been clinging to us and must go, or really needs to grow, until we invite in the perspective of creative wholeness. It’s then we see what we really want, and what really matters in the present big picture. 


Start With What You Know and Feel


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Before you start building a list of things to analyze that seem “untidy” or disconnected, start by exploring your current state of mind. When you slow down and take a break from the to-do list and grab some quiet time for yourself, how do you feel? Anxious? Tired? Frustrated? Unfocused? Or do you have a good sense of balance, feel joyful, connected and happy with how your everyday life is unfolding?


Make note of what comes up, and jot it down. It doesn’t have to make sense or follow a pattern, just let the heart take over and speak freely. This simple exercise alone, when done regularly, can eliminate mind spin and help free up space to let in new ideas and emotional processing. 


Personally, when I get overwhelmed or stuck in my head I tend to over think. This creates a disconnect from my inner self, making me feel off-balance, and creates a veil of frustration and confusion that coats my entire perspective. It can creep in slowly, or spark from an irritating experience that blocks me from fully tuning into my inner guidance. This pattern, when left unchecked, keeps me from staying grounded and connected to my heart. 


When this kind of energy kicks in, it might take me a while to realize I need to vent, journal, meditate, take a walk, or talk with someone I trust to get back to a sense of balance, rather than continue to push. I’ve finally realized, after years on the same merry-go-round, that my desire to create sometimes gets tangled up with my sense of duty to “complete” something. That strain can create a big gap in my sense of creative wholeness because I’m trying to pull something from my mind alone, instead of using my mind, body and heart as a “wholeness” team. 


Sit with the Loose Ends to Inspire An Updated Version of Creative Wholeness


Once you have a sense of what seems sticky or feels like a stumbling block, sit with it. Don’t think through it, smash it or kick it to the curb – at least not yet. Jot some of these statements on paper, then and fill in the blanks to help you think through possible sticking points in a deeper way:


When I try to move forward, it feels like I’m _______.
I feel ________ with the timeline of my life or creative plans.
I think my progress is ________.
To feel more in balance I need ________.
In order to grow in a new direction, I need to finally release _______.
There are _______ obstacles blocking my progress in ________.
I have _______ to help me when I need it most.


Steps to Move Towards Creative Wholeness


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Once you have a better sense of exactly what you feel, or what specifically feels like a disconnect, then you have the insight you need to focus on a specific area of growth. This enables you to acknowledge, then process, the emotion that pointed you there, and chose a fresh starting point that gets you moving towards feeling creatively whole. 


Creative wholeness is an ongoing process that changes and shifts as you break new ground. Take the time to be mindful of who and where you are, and if it matches with your current desires. Just because something feels rough and difficult doesn’t mean it’s a deal breaker, but how you think about the friction, and what it means, does need to shift. 


Always be mindful of jumping to conclusions based on what you discover, or comparing your progress with someone else’s. The true goal with creative wholeness is to reveal what’s juicy to you now and feels worth exploring just because, without putting pressure on to transform into something more before you’ve had time to play with it. 


Practice the above exercise once a month or quarterly to check in, or add new questions that resonate. Establishing a regular self-check in point can do wonders for helping you clearly define what you want, and how to move towards creative wholeness with clarity, confidence, and an adventurous heart! 


How often do you think specifically about what experiences would help you feel a deeper sense of creative wholeness? Better yet, how can listen to your heart’s voice and actively bring it into alignment with creative desires and intentions?


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