Solar Plexus Chakra: Tapping into Personal Power and Creative Truth

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The solar plexus chakra is our inner sun and the energetic center of self-worth, motivating us to act on the creative ideas that inspire us. It’s the core of what makes us unique, and fuels the desire to stand in our creative truth so we can be truly free in our self- expression.


Pulling from the tribe energy of the root chakra and the partnership energy of the sacral chakra, the solar plexus speaks to our individual creative expression; what we want to say, share, express and be in the world. In essence, it’s how we define our creative ourselves outside of basic survival needs and the needs of others. (For additional insight on the first two chakras, check out the posts from the beginning of the series; The 7 Core Chakras and How They Influence Creative Expression and Sacral Chakra: Center of Passion, Desire and Creativity.)


Connecting with and Expressing the Inner Creative Fire


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To touch the deepest corners of our creative expression is an innate inner craving; a way to get in touch with the core of our soul’s purpose and source of personal power. When we feel as if our voice is too small or aren’t sure how to explore or express the inner fire, it can create confusion around identity, self-worth and finding our footing among all the other creative voices in the world.


It’s also not always easy to spot when we aren’t standing in our power. Limiting thoughts, negative experiences that spark fear, or poor role models who were stuck in their own unfulfilling patterns can influence how we connect with our own unique voice.


Being willing to explore the source and quality of our own “inner sun” is part of our purpose, but even more importantly, it’s why we create. Our creativity serves as the mechanism for us to explore, build, release and grow into our voice, and in essence, becomes how we grow into our true selves over time. It’s no mistake that the second chakra (creativity) comes before this one, to act as a tool in self-exploration and growth.


Nurturing and Balancing the Solar Plexus Chakra and Building a Relationship with the Self


Known as the “lustrous gem”, the 3rd chakra is essential for our true voice to emerge. No matter how illuminated you may be or tuned in with the other chakras, the solar plexus is what enables us ground insight from meditation, deep listening and the world around us, and express it in physical form that is uniquely us.


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In many ways, the solar plexus chakra is our bridge to wholeness. It helps us to see where there are differences between us, others and the bigger world, and resolve them using our creative truth. It also enables us to maintain balance between head and heart (mind and intuition), so we are not completely ruled by one or the other.


A strong 3rd chakra enables us to experience then release fears, rejection and criticism without holding onto it and making it part of our “story”, while also allowing us to develop a unique identity and voice in the world.


We all need mirrors (other people) to enhance our self-growth, but we cannot control what other people say to us. We can only control how we perceive information in the context of our personal power and self, which is why the solar plexus chakra plays such an essential role in developing our creative sense of self. It’s the home of our inner guidance system; a link to divine guidance and trusting ourselves. In many ways, this chakra impacts our sight, both internally and externally, and what we believe we need to get from others because we cannot create it for ourselves.


An out of balance chakra can be moving too quickly or too slowly. This is what can happen as a result, as described by Liz Simpson, author of the Book of Chakra Healing.


Too open/spinning too fast: Angry, controlling, workaholic, judgmental, sense of being superior

Blocked, slow or sluggish: Overly concerned with what others think, fear being alone, insecure and need constant reassurance

Balanced: Respects self and others, strong and clear in personal power, spontaneous, courageous and willing to try new things


When we ignore the intuitive guidance coming through our solar plexus chakra repeatedly, it can lead to big blocks, as well as a compromised digestive system and extra weight around the middle.


A Special Word About Empathy, Empaths and the Personal Power Chakra


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I believe we all have special sensitivities and are empathic in some way. Some people are more sensitive than others, and some choose to ignore their sensitive side and needs altogether.


For those who identify as sensitive or empathic, balancing the solar plexus chakra is a daily essential. People with these sensitivities (myself included), can easily take on the feelings, thoughts and emotional patterns of the people around them. Over time, it collects in the 3rd chakra, muddling how we view our core identity and true self.


This tendency can also cause us to feel confused and unable to find a clear path forward to fulfill our personal purpose. For empaths, supporting the emotional needs of others is very natural and part of our strength, but often, meeting the needs or desires of the people around us can overshadow our own. This makes crafting clear, mindful boundaries and a regular self-care routine a necessity. Step away to fill your own cup again, and search out like-minded support with people who are in a healthy, grounded place.


Crafting a Personal Practice Focused on Filling Your Cup First 


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For many years I did not realize I was an empath. I carried feelings of confusion, heaviness and hesitation about my own creative path and purpose, while I continued to drag the emotions of the world along with me for the ride.


My own journey of self-discovery and learning why my solar plexus chakra was often out of balance is what inspired the work I do today as a creativity coach and intuitive, and why writing is such a beautiful support tool for me. It’s also why I take my downtime and self-care more seriously than anything else, especially when I’m moving through big personal transformations.


Consistent journaling, enrolling in energy healing classes to learn about the chakras and reading books on how to support myself and grow my inner spiritual self have all helped me move past obstacles in this area and create a healthier balance. In addition, I eat healthy foods, practice meditation and yoga and spend A LOT of time in nature. These are my tools, now go explore some of your own!


For extra support, here are suggestions for solar plexus yoga poses, and some tips on how to work with crystals or stones.


To settle the mind, body and spirit, practice this simple affirmation:


“I accept and value myself exactly as I am.”


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Have a healthy practice you follow that really works? I would love to hear about it! For additional insights on exploring your creative power, check out previous blog posts: Feeling Empowered and Cultivating your Creative Sense of Self or How Personal Values Can Block Creativity. My podcast Flirting With Enlightenment also offers practices and tips for tapping into your inner wisdom.


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