Feeling Empowered and Cultivating your Creative Sense-of-Self

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When you feel empowered you see opportunity everywhere. Your creative sense of self is strong, confident and feels free to be curious, to follow the little flutters in your gut and trust your intuition. Life flows by and the bumps don’t matter; the heart truly understands these setbacks are temporary and you will make it through one way or another.


However, at times when faith in yourself or path is shaken, and you feel anything but empowered, the quality of the opportunities you see completely changes. You may feel out of control, frustrated and lost, maybe even a bit like a victim. It can be hard to trust your intuition or have faith in yourself, let alone fuel your creative sense of self in a positive way. It’s also difficult for you to resonate with positive thoughts, energy or opportunities.


Experiencing both of these aspects within yourself is about more than being on a high vs wallowing in a funk. This dichotomy is the very essence of creative opportunity.


You get to choose what you want to create in every moment. When you are truthful with yourself about your state of mind, you are automatically empowered. Even if you don’t feel great right now, you can create a new state of mind whenever you want to, if you can let go of whatever doesn’t serve you. This is a moment-to-moment choice.


The one thing you can do every day is align your state-of-mind with thoughts that super-charge your sense-of-self, which in turn empowers you to create what you need.


To find out what you need most, connect with how you feel and intuitively work with it in a mindful way. Each day will be different, so it’s important to honor and allow your feelings to come up – they are trying to tell you what you need to be empowered. Then you can figure out the best way to provide it for yourself. This practice is especially important for empaths, who don’t always see their gift of feeling and sensitivity as empowering.


Here are a few examples you can build on to craft your own unique practice: 


  • Need a little extra time in the morning to nurture yourself? Build in a short routine focused all on you and how you can nourish or love yourself from the minute you get up in the smallest of ways.
  • Sad, angry or frustrated? Sit with why and get to the root of it so you can finally let it go.
  • Unclear about what you want? Meditate, go for a walk, journal, talk to a friend to help you gain some perspective.
  • Excited to start your day? Do your best to see how to bring this positive thought-seed forward, all day long.
  • Annoyed with a friend, family member or coworker? Decide what you need to feel better and do it for yourself to make connecting with them easier on you.


…and so on. Each day will bring it’s own invitation to connect with what you need and how to transform it into an way to stand in your power.


The most important aspect of cultivating a sense of self-empowerment is to feel your feelings. Honor what you need. Create healthy habits that enable you to cultivate the most precious resource of all, an empowered, centered state-of-mind. This is how you can be truly creative every day, all day, in every moment.


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