Outsourcing for Your Small Business: A Choice for the Heart, Mind or Both?

There are countless reasons why people start their own small business, but first and foremost, it’s to follow their heart’s passion; to make their own way in the world outside of the traditional sense of a “regular job.” So what do you do when your small business is totally taking off, and the “creative engineering” aspect of your business is buried by To-Dos?

If your passionate expression of creativity (aka your small business) feels more like a chore and you’re drowning in “shoulds”, it’s time to consider outsourcing. But it’s not as simple as a yes or no answer. It’s important determine if outsourcing is best for the technical elements of your business (marketing, accounting, admin, social media and beyond), but also for your creative expression and long-term goals.

Technology, with a Side Order of Creativity and Heart Connection

Being a small business owner is unlike anything else in the world, especially right now. As technology supports us in making more non-traditional choices for how we work, we also have so many more options. Sometimes those options can completely transform our small business, and other times they do nothing but distract us — and create the feeling of being busy.

That’s why it’s so important to sit down and be open to ideas about how to make the best choices for enhancing our business without taking away from our creative spark and joy. Here are some thoughts to get you started, including some simple soul-searching questions:

  • Make a list of everything you like and do not like doing for your small business. Out of those tasks can you do some yourself if you create a schedule that makes it manageable?
  • Decide if of the tasks you can do, if it’s more expensive to hire someone or do it yourself.
  • Is the best solution to use technology tools, a person or a bit of both?
  • Am I a micro manager, or can I give away tasks with confidence they will be completed effectively?
  • Do I have a clear idea of your long-term business goals? What do I want to achieve?
  • Is everything I’m doing supporting my business? Or am I just trying to do all the same things as everyone else to keep up?

Then ask yourself the more heart-centered thoughts and questions:

  • Will giving this work to another resource compromise the creativity or integrity of what I provide?
  • If I outsource tasks, will I actually do more creative, passion-fueled work for my business?
  • Does it make sense to collaborate with like-minded people in trade to get something done, or is it best to pay for services?
  • How will I determine who is a good fit to help?
  • Will I allow myself some time to play and find new creative inspirations, or will I feel like I’m goofing off?
  • When I think about outsourcing certain tasks my heart feels heavy, or my heart feels lighter and filled with joy?

The decision for a small business owner to outsource is truly a combination of practicality and intuition. Getting help only works if you know how people or resources can help you best reach your long-term goals from a business and creative perspective.

photo by the Italian voice

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