How to Know When a Creative Idea is Ready to Share

sharing your creative idea

When you are inspired by a creative idea it’s so much fun to play with it, to smooth out the rough edges and see where it takes you. Making tweaks, changing the flow and watching it expand is all part of the experience, coupled with the frustration, fear and chaos which is also normal.

So with this vast range of input during the creative process, how do you know when it’s time to share a creative idea with others? How can you tell the difference between fear, excitement and choosing the best timing?


Watch for Signs vs. Sighs

To take something beyond your daydreams, journals and scribblings requires something very powerful but also very simple – the choice to commit to doing what it takes to build its’ success. Not every creative idea is shareable (or should be) and others need a little extra sparkle from someone else that hasn’t showed up yet.

Truth – there will be some “sighing” and exasperation as you work through any creative project because it’s expanding your edges and mindset at the same time. Creative ideas are meant to stretch you, take you in new directions and show you where to go next, while also evolving you beyond where you’ve been.

Even though it might feel challenging, don’t let lots of “sighs” fool you into thinking it’s best to let something stay hidden instead of sharing it. Being very in-synch with what you create and how it makes you feel gives you the clearest signs of what to do next. The challenge is that people tend to look for these cues externally instead of internally.


Know How to Read the Signs

While your mind may be going crazy with reasons for or against releasing a creative idea, or possibly even planning all the ways you can market it, the biggest favor you can do for yourself is to take a day or two off to see how you FEEL about sharing it. Leave your desk, phone, family, friends and their opinions behind and take some quiet time to just “be.”

You will most likely get one of three intuitive responses once you detach a bit:

  • Fear that’s wrapped in excitement for what’s next
  • A wishy-washiness laced with over-thinking
  • A very clear NO that sends your mind into negativity

When you feel close to one of these general sentiments, then you have a clearer sense of what you are dealing with in your mind and heart. This is helpful information you can use to regroup, reshape or prepare for “go-time”.


What is your Intention Behind a Creative Idea, or is it Really an Expectation?

There is no “right” answer to shoot for out of the three choices I listed above. What you do want is the clearest information possible. Then you can get a better sense of how to interpret what you are feeling without over-thinking it.

No matter which of the three intuitive responses resonate most, it’s most important to look at what you are piling on top of it. For example, if you are ready to set a creative idea free, do you have an intention behind what you want it to create? Or do you have an expectation on how it will perform? An intention feels powerful and energizing. Expectations can feel heavy and limiting.

The more you can get excited about the process of a creative idea and stay unattached to the specifics of how it plays out, you may find you want to share things freely and more often. It can also shift how you view your own creative process, taking the pressure off “needs” and shifting it towards enjoying all aspects of creating.