Simple Ways to Tap into Intuition and Spark Creativity Blog Series: Part 1

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I believe creativity and intuition are different aspects of the same energy. They feed each other like an infinite loop, each sparking or calming one another as they play together.


When creativity is low, our connection to intuition can be closed off. When our intuition feels strange or ungrounded, we get judgy about what we are creating, or have expectations about what it needs be.


Of course there are many influences that tamper with our creativity or intuition. However, people don’t always relate these two powerful forces as a partnership, or see their connection as an essential element for experiencing our divine, natural gifts in a physical way.


I like to think the pairing of creativity and intuition as an expression of the cosmos and the physical form coming together to play and dance, each taking turns as the lead.


While stress, expectations and a giant list of responsibilities can take us out of the rhythm of enjoying the energy dynamic of this power couple, we can benefit from a gentle practice to get them back in step with each other in simple, mindful ways.


When we open up to and trust the intuitive insights we sense, it’s easier to honor their power and allow them to inspire creativity within us. The more we trust what we sense, the more we create with confidence, crafting that infinite loop and allowing it to build momentum naturally without even thinking.


Adding a little extra oomph to expand our intuitive gifts is easier when we realize. It’s more about awakening and honoring the subtle things already in our life, rather than crafting an intricate plan or routine to follow. After all, that’s not how intuition or creativity works. It’s presence is always there, but needs to be noticed to make the biggest impact on our path and personal goals.


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To provide simple ways for people to feel more creative and intuitive, I wanted to put together a short blog series with helpful tips.


Over the next few weeks, I will share 7 ways to spark the loop of intuitive and creative insights, offering tips to energize creativity and intuition throughout the day. The idea is to work these elements into life as you can, and choose a few to add to the day based on what feels right. The fun part is to tune in at the start of the day to see what resonates most, and build a practice of listening for the whole self, not just the mind.


While there are way more than seven ways to spark creativity and tap into intuition (as you know from all my other blog posts), the tips I’ll be covering are quick, powerful and easy to practice. They are for busy folks, those starting on a personal transformation journey or people looking to switch up a current routine.


So without further ado…


Tip #1 Tune into colors that draw the eye, then wear or decorate with them.


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I don’t know about you, but I’m drawn to certain colors in my wardrobe and jewelry. Most days I’m able to jump straight to a color that feels “right”. On days when I’m ungrounded or a bit “off” I find it hard to pick what I want to wear because everything feels good or nothing does.


If you’ve been to my site before, it’s no secret I talk a lot about chakras – the energy centers in the body that govern our state of mind, body and spirit on an energetic and physical level. Each chakra is associated with a specific color, which is what makes it so interesting to use as a tool for self-awareness.


Listening to what colors we are drawn to wear for a day, week or month offers insight into where our intuition is guiding us. It can also be a subtle call for healing, building self-confidence, getting grounded etc., depending on the color.


To bring the power of color into your day, make it part of your environment. Decorate a room, desk, altar or other place you spend a lot of time with a color you enjoy. Pick items that are already around the house and group them together, look for artwork or things from second hand stores, or pull out a coloring book and get to it.


The more we can think of color as a simple way to communicate with our intuitive side, the easier it will be to use it to connect with the deeper parts of ourselves, and open up to playing with a specific color shade creatively.


To use this intuitive guidance to the fullest, why not spend some time meditating on a color for extra insight, researching the related chakra color, or reading up on the meanings of core colors?


Getting familiar with role color plays in our life can be a powerful tool for self-exploration, learning and what we need to support our creativity and how our intuition is speaking with us in subtle ways.


What are some ways you already use color as part of your creative or intuitive practice?


Stay tuned for the next tip in the series!


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