Patiently Nourish What is Ready to Emerge or Cycle into a New Stage

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We are on the brink of spring in the US which always sparks thoughts and excitement about what’s about to emerge in nature. The fresh sweet-smelling air, tweeting birds, budding trees and plants inspire us to do the same; to come out of our slumber and create anew.


Despite this spark of seasonal transformation, it’s important to remember that the energy of all of the seasons – winter, spring, summer and fall – resides within us and can be accessed at any time to instigate change.


To connect with and utilize this ever-present energy, it’s essential to tap into intuition and nourish certain seeds based on their unique “season”. This is how they emerge to the next part of their life cycle.


It takes a connection to inner knowing as well as a conscious releasing to keep in step with our own natural cycles for each seed. Along the way we make choices about what still resonates with our creative soul and heart, especially around which seeds to plant, grow, harvest and let lie fallow.


In this process we can run across mental or emotional blocks that have held certain seeds back from expansion or their natural time to die. Taking advantage of this pause in momentum offers us an opportunity to sit with why – and what to do next.


Trusting in the Natural Cycle of Creative Self-Expression and Fulfillment


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Often the scariest step is to plant something completely new. It takes courage to move through the fear and “what-ifs”, while trusting we will know how to care for our new “expressions” going forward with diligence and patience. The only way to know for sure is to try, and the spring season is perfect for new beginnings.


There are also times when we have a ton of “seedlings” ready to grow into something bigger. These creative ideas have been germinating and growing slowly, expanding their roots. When they have reached the limits of their small terrain, we need to make choices about what to take further or let go. If our energy and attention is scattered, we cannot fully nourish a seedling (aka creative expression) into a mature plant. In this stage, be mindful not to sacrifice the grounded, patient and healthy way to transformation for the fastest path, which may not be as nurturing or sustainable.


In some cases we may have a plant (aka creative project or expression) that is big, beautiful and expanded to a peak growth point. It needs to be harvested and released, or planted in fresh “soil” with a new purpose to flourish into something more expansive and grand for ourselves and others to experience.


There will always be select creative seeds that never take root or die quickly after they are planted, and that was exactly what they were meant to do. In other cases, forward momentum for certain seeds may be stalled because we need to practice forgiveness, release expectations or surrender to fears and emotions that have been standing in the way of us knowing our true selves, limiting the potential of a seed to naturally transform as needed.


The power of what is ready to emerge or cycle into a new stage is an invitation to tune in and see what is still true, while being honest about how we feel. In this way we honor our creativity, heart and higher self, while making space for what is ready to express itself next from within us. Make time to relax, feel and go inward to gain clarity and confidence in how to provide creative plants with what’s needed next! 


What is getting ready to emerge from within you? Are there ways you can practice release, forgiveness or more self-love to get closer to your authentic self and transformation?


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