Exploring Your Path, One Step At A Time


Is there a secret to life?

I can’t say that I know for sure what will bring you or anyone else endless happiness, but I do know this; its OK to change your mind and its more than OK to be lost at times. That is how we find our true path, by taking chances and detours that teach us, nurture us and put is through the fire. With each foot in front of the other one at a time you are only assured of that one step, and that is the most perfect place to be.

Getting Tangled and Hog-Tied

For the last few months after moving to a new home, I was expecting my life to continue at a hectic pace. After all the packing, cleaning and completion of last minute writing projects I was faced with…stillness. Now, mind you, I meditate, practice yoga and I am definitely not one to max out every minute of the day with a To-Do. What I did notice, however, is that even in my stillness I was still struggling to find a consistent sense of peace.

Now, most often taking time away to relax and think helps clear out the brain dust bunnies and leads to fantastic revelations. This time around they weren’t coming. I sat. I journaled. I walked. I exercised. I read. I opened the window and all that flew in was more crap. And then I got frustrated.

Its almost like being in a conga line that never ends. There was a pace and flow to the energy, but it felt forced after a while and I wasn’t sure how to exit gracefully without derailing the conga line behind me. In my minds eye I was trapped, stuck in a pattern that I didn’t like, but unsure of how to mix things up without significantly impacting what I had already created for my business and life.

I faded in and out of being wishy-washy too…something I truly dislike as a general behavior. So seeing it in myself made me even more frustrated and I soon jumped on the “judgy” train. That, my friends, has no stops and picks up steam the longer you are on it.

Geeeeezzz, Quit Pushing!

These feelings and experiences reminded me that pushing yourself forward, even one step at a time. makes no sense. So much more is going on then you think or realize. The pieces are coming into place with each book read, each person I encounter and each idea I say “no” to in my day. The sense of urgency and pressure can feel like a noose around my neck, but only I have total control of the slack on the rope.

If you are like me going through a metamorphosis of sorts, maybe this will help. What I have learned to appreciate most in these last few months is that I get to practice discernment. I am moving things off my plate that have outlived their purpose, making room to TRY new, creative things I wouldn’t normally try (like a sewing class) for example. I WANT to see what new adventures I can have in my size 8s, and learn to walk my path in a new way.

As human beings we are always evolving, and not all of it happens at a break-neck pace. I see the beauty in this as new and unexpected opportunities are showing up, helping me to deliberately and loving create a life that makes sense for where I am at NOW. When the right pieces are selected, enjoyed and appreciated, the overall natural path will not only feel great, but practically map itself out.

So what it your secret to a happy, balanced life? I would love to know…