Break Away From Assumptions and Open Up New Creative Opportunities

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I think it’s pretty safe to say everyone makes assumptions time to time that limit our ability to notice creative opportunities.


Our assumptions can be rooted in the things we’ve learned, love, or have been burned by, and have come to shape our vision and values. Family influence and personal relationships fortify those assumptions even further.


As intuitive beings, we also rely on the way we feel as part of our decision making process. Even when our intuition weighs in, we may not trust ourselves to heed it’s advice, or our emotions don’t allow it to come through clearly without judging it.


This leaves builds a roadblock between the mind, gut and heart, creating a Clint Eastwood style stand off like in the movie, “The Good, The Bad and The Ugly.”


However, even when we feel pulled in various directions at once, we don’t always stop, take a breath and ask, “Do I know this to be true, or am I assuming?” It’s a question that can stop us in our tracks, especially if we are feeling reactionary, angry, or confused.


The well-worn path of assumptions or what we think “should” happen always shrinks our creative mindset, and leads us to limit ourselves without even realizing it. And when our emotional guidance system gets involved, we need to be able to parse out if it’s reacting to fear, or simply indicating we are ready to release an emotional boundary initially created to keep ourselves safe.


The trick is to be able to tell when we are making an assumption based on personal bias and past experience, versus simply being afraid to make a change and explore new creative opportunities.


Explore Where Assumptions Limit How You See Yourself And Life


creative opportunities, creativity, assumptions, explore, intuition, discernment, clouds, walk


Even when we think we are able to tell the difference between gut instinct and mental assumptions, the energy of change can make these energies a bit mixed up. As a result, we fail to branch out to explore or embrace what’s next for us, and can fall into comparison behavior, judgment, or anger towards ourselves. The act of bending societal norms around age, experience level, or knowledge can also keep us from going after new creative opportunities with an open mind and heart.


To clarify if assumptions are limiting your sense of creative freedom, ask a few simple questions:


  • I know when I’m making an assumption, and I often do it when I’m scared, uncertain of the future, etc.
  • Can I tell the difference between making an assumption and using discernment – which is guided by an inner knowing, like intuition? How do the two feel different in the body?
  • Do I assume I won’t like something before I try it, or do I base those choices on knowing myself really well?


Journal about some or all of these points to dive a deeper into what assumptions creep in around change or when allowing in new creative opportunities.


Also keep in mind that June is all about the astrological sign Gemini. The energy of this sign is curious and likes to explore, so find a way to play with this influence in the day to day. Say yes to a sudden, unexpected invitation. Try something on the bucket list. Take an active step towards a passion that’s being ignored or neglected, or try a more playful approach to work, business, or relationships.


Doing something new may not change everything immediately, but it shifts our attitude and the energy around where we often dig in our heels. Small changes can bring us into contact with new connections or old friends, puts us in just the right spot to see an ad for a class, or to hear a song that makes us smile or feel inspired.


The important part is to switch up our mindset, routines, or challenge long-held views so assumptions can’t stay entrenched and take over. This is how a little magic wiggles into the cracks and empowers us to see new creative opportunities that have been waiting for us all along.


When we take assumptions off the table, we open up to having new experiences and give ourselves permission to explore. Without those two pieces, creative opportunities remain as ideas hidden from the rest of the world.


What are some ways you can take the playful energy of Gemini and drop some long held assumptions to create differently?


Want clarity, support, or guidance on how you might be living by assumptions? Connect with me for coaching or an intuitive reading. Want to read more on a similar topic? Check out my posts, Thoughts or Assumptions: What Rules Your Inner Guidance? What Motivates Your Creative Voice? 5 Ways to Find Out. Like podcasts better than reading? Check out my podcast, Flirting With Enlightenment, for insights and inspiration about self-discovery and passion with purpose.