Balancing the Weight of Evidence and Trust in Creative Endeavors

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There’s no way around it; embarking on creative endeavors has a baked-in requirement – that we learn the unique balance between evidence and trust. The balance doesn’t have to be equal in measure, but it does need to feel authentic, and in alignment with what we value and want to create.


If we place too much focus on “evidence” we can convince ourselves right out of an idea, or into one built around safety rather than inspiration. When our values are not our own, but based on family, friends, or as a result of negative experiences, it can be a challenge to know or trust our truth, ourselves, or our decision making capabilities.


In many ways, this back and forth between clear cut facts and the gut is simply how we are wired. We want to see, anticipate, and assess the risks. It helps us feel safer and prepared. We also want to honor our creative drive, feel it has a usefulness within and outside of us, and trust we are being inspired and guided for a reason.


However, we live in a 3D world that wants (and is built on) results. A world where dreams are inspirational, but not always bankable.


Working with the dynamic of evidence and trust puts creatives and entrepreneurs in a position of constantly calculating two key things:


  • The weight of facts and evidence that creative endeavors are desirable, and potentially fruitful, in an internal and external way
  • Crafting a balance of known and unknown facts with trust- trust in themselves, their ideas, goals, and support they cannot see in a tangible way – faith


Why does this matter?


Well, just like anyone else, creatives want to get it “right.” We want to know the optimal dash of this or that to guarantee our intuitive whispers and creative guidance mean something; that they are useful tools we can trust to guide us.


And when we hit the point of questioning or worry, or comparing and second guessing, we are actually connecting with something more important than we realize. The opportunity to expand how we balance the weight of evidence and trust in creative endeavors, without making ourselves right or wrong.


Is there a “Right” Way?


It’s easy to stay positive when the money and creative love is coming in. When accolades are plentiful and obvious. When we see how people react to what we create, and spread a positive word to everyone they know. In this best case scenario; envisioning ourselves as happy, fulfilled, and “on track”.


If things are a bit rocky or “off track”, one of the easiest things to lose is trust in our ideas. It’s where we begin to doubt our path, creative expression, and then ourselves. We can begin to feel the weight of measuring up to an “ideal” expression, or spend an inordinate amount of time comparing ourselves to others. When things get challenging, it puts our values to the test. It makes us question what we really want and need, and why, and places our desire for creative authenticity at odds with what’s marketable and trendy.


Yet, when we are feeling challenged and start questioning, we actually are opening up an invitation. An invitation to learn about:

  • Ourselves and how we work
  • What we want
  • When we need to rework an idea, life path, perspective, or mindset


This is where balancing the weight of evidence and trust in creative endeavors is most powerful, and often a defining moment in our personal development journey.


Honoring the Need to Be Flexible in Mind and Heart for True Compassionate Balance


Crafting a balance of evidence and trust is not a one and done kind of deal.


Each experience informs the next, helping us learn to create better boundaries, place reasonable expectations on self and others, and how to plan for things that were once unseen, but are now a cautionary tale.


The tipping point of evidence and trust can also be blocked within us. If we’ve lost faith in trusting our gut feelings, or shut them off entirely, we are only able to work with the mental energy. When we are out of practice with feeling, it can be very scary to let them back in or explain them using the mind. In this way, we tip the scales towards relying only on the logical, while our feelings try harder and harder to break through, to be noticed, and trusted, once again.


Through each experience as we open to both mind and intuition, and process the emotions that arise, we can create a new way – a fresh balance of both worlds.


Remember, the mental side is trying to solve a riddle alone without having all the (intuitive)  information. The intuitive side asks us to take time and consider, meditate, ponder, ask questions, seek internal and external guidance and then, only then, make a choice the best we can that feels in alignment right now, and consider the facts, too.


Ultimately, the weight we place on the mental and intuitive aspects of life choices all circles back to the heart. It’s the decision maker; our voice of reason we’ve so skillfully learned to drown out in favor of guarantees and assurances. The heart is where the answer to how to balance evidence and trust in creative endeavors is found. It’s the weigh station; the sherpa and restorer of faith.


And yes, this can seem a bit abstract as an actionable idea. However, I also know that choices I made years ago I would not make now, simply because I’ve learned the hard way when I ignored my heart. I’ve also learned that THINKING my way to one specific outcome, is not the same thing as THINKING AND FEELING my way to what’s next naturally. 


To get to the heart of your unique balance equation is a moment to moment discovery. Best of luck as you explore a uniquely balanced path of evidence and trust to craft a new creative way forward!


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