Life is a Conga Line Not a To-Do List

The holidays are gone and you are once again alone with your thoughts. Are you racing to start a million new projects? Tweeting your heart out? Or have your copious 2011 goals combusted into oblivion already? Maybe you are stalled at the starting gate as your ideas run amok like M&M’s on crack? What ever your reasons (or excuses), I think one very important thing is usually missing in people’s big ol’ life plans -- daily fun. Sure, you can write all about that amazing fantasy trip you w … [Read more...]

Where is the Color in Your Life?

Where is the Color in Your Life? When people wake up in the morning, often their first thoughts are about tasks or worrying about "what-ifs." How am I going to get through the day today? Is the commute going to suck? Are the kids going to get to school on time? Is my boss going to hassle me again? Am I going to find work today?… among several other arbitrary thoughts. These are universal thoughts most people experience as part of living and belonging to a family and community; its part of t … [Read more...]