Simple Ways to Tap into Intuition and Spark Creativity Blog Series: Part 1

  I believe creativity and intuition are different aspects of the same energy. They feed each other like an infinite loop, each sparking or calming one another as they play together.   When creativity is low, our connection to intuition can be closed off. When our intuition feels strange or ungrounded, we get judgy about what we are creating, or have expectations about what it needs be.   Of course there are many influences that tamper with our creativity or … [Read more...]

Third Eye Chakra: Inner Wisdom, Emotional Intelligence and Creative Intuition

  The third eye chakra acts as our direct connection to higher consciousness, ushering in amazing, soul-fulfilling jolts of creative inspiration. Think of it as the space where self-awareness, imagination and intuitive guidance meet, enabling us to focus and create something in alignment with the truth of who we are at our core.   As the “virtual” eye between our two physical ones, the third eye chakra reaches beyond physical seeing and invites us to step into inner knowing; in … [Read more...]

The Throat Chakra: Honest Self-Expression and Active Listening Shapes Creative Confidence

  The throat chakra represents how we fine tune and express our unique ideas and creative voice outwardly. Guided by the heart chakra before it, our voice encompasses more than what we want to say - it includes what we are guided to say intuitively (inner voice), as well as what we are afraid to say to others out of fear of rejection, criticism or “being wrong”.   In this way, the throat chakra acts as a gatekeeper, balancing our true voice with the perceived “cost” of express … [Read more...]

Creative Expression and the Chakras: Sacral Chakra, Center of Passion, Desire and Creativity

Last week I kicked off a blog series exploring the 7 core chakras and how they influence self expression and creativity. Each chakra has a unique contribution to our overall internal energy flow and impacts how grounded, clear and freely we express ourselves in daily life. In this post, I share insights on the sacral chakra. It’s the best-known chakra when it comes to creativity and represents the “sweetness in life”; what makes it worth living. Where the root chakra serves as the primal root of … [Read more...]