Creativity Kick-Start: Honoring your Creative Timeline

  Life and business run on a set of standardized and accepted deadlines, yet, your personal creative timeline runs on intuition - a completely different kind of deadline driver.   What are you supposed to do in a traditional work environment or as a business owner if you’re a not a morning person, need solitude to do your best work or are a highly sensitive person who needs scheduled breathing space in your work day? Should you fight these tendencies just because you work for a … [Read more...]

Divine Timing for Sharing Creative Gifts

Is there an ideal time to share your innate creative gifts and ideas? Is it wise to throw ideas into the public eye, even while they’re still forming? How about sharing creative work because you have the tools to do so within seconds?   What if the answer to each of these questions was yes…and no, depending on the gift of divine timing?   I believe there is optimal, divine timing that helps you connect to and share your creative gifts effectively, but it’s not something you plan. Di … [Read more...]