5 Ways to Flip the Script on Limitation and Turn it into Inspiration

  It’s no secret that seeing a limitation in life is sometimes easier than seeing what’s possible. When old mental patterns team up with ego and fear, the power of what you want can seem too far away and impossible to reach.   However, limitations like a health challenge, lost opportunity, broken relationship or difficulty in reaching a certain level of achievement are all common human experiences. The personal stories created as part of the journey to overcome what’s initi … [Read more...]

Creative Barriers and Self-Perception

  Your self-perception is the most powerful tool you have to work through creative barriers.   What you think of yourself cracks open your heart or shrinks it - empowers you or defeats you before you even start your day.   How you interpret your strengths, weaknesses, good deeds or failures also influence your ability to see clearly, hear the truth about yourself and act in alignment with your natural essence.   When there’s a disconnect between what you t … [Read more...]