Falling Down Can Be the Best Creative Learning

fallen trees, forest, creativity


The most potent creative learning comes through when you are challenged in unexpected ways.


The times when what was easy becomes hard, more complicated or seems near impossible, it takes determination to see past the loss of what you’ve come to know; to embrace a way to do life differently and still feel creative. More importantly, it can be hard to feel like you deserve to still pursue your desires.


Sudden shifts in life can also help you easily slide you into “maintenance mode”, as you take time to find a new path or reassemble what’s left into something better. The trick is making sure maintenance mode is a temporary way of being, not a lifestyle choice.


Creative Learning Can Sting, and That’s a Good Thing


The creative learning that really sticks with you and influences your perception, heart and attitude is often the result of changes or challenges you don’t see coming. Don’t let being blindsided keep you from opening up to the inherent gift in the experience that’s unique to your creativity journey.


fledgling bird, Creative Katrina, bird in the grass


I’m pretty sure this little guy I spotted on my walk today didn’t intend to end up in the grass, scared and shaken. He’s in the process of learning to take flight so his life can expand and he can follow his instincts to do what he’s meant to do in the world.


At the same time, he needed to pause and take a moment of reflection. He may have fallen, but his options are still the same as they always were – to get up and try to fly. The only difference is that he’s now doing it from the ground instead of his safe little nest, tucked up in a tree. His “how” has shifted, not his ability, determination or talent.


You will fall, and it won’t be fun. You will also learn that in the falling, your creative learning is solidified. Desires become clearer. Choices become more obvious (not limited). Fresh ideas are sparked because the old ones can no longer lead you to an expression that suits your true self.


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  • Are you letting fear limit the risks you take, even though your heart is calling you to take them?
  • Is there a strong pull towards staying comfortable that keeps you running the same trails instead of expanding in new directions?
  • Are you afraid that what you discover might “up-end” the way you see your creative self?
  • Are you holding yourself back from challenges, stunting yourself to keep others happy or close to you?


Only you know how you do creative learning best. Honor your own way and path by greeting challenges with a feeling of gratitude for the gifts you can’t yet see and appreciate.


What are some ways you react when you are struck by sudden challenges or disappointment? Do you sense a pattern?


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