Life is a Conga Line Not a To-Do List

The holidays are gone and you are once again alone with your thoughts. Are you racing to start a million new projects? Tweeting your heart out? Or have your copious 2011 goals combusted into oblivion already? Maybe you are stalled at the starting gate as your ideas run amok like M&M’s on crack?

What ever your reasons (or excuses), I think one very important thing is usually missing in people’s big ol’ life plans — daily fun.

Sure, you can write all about that amazing fantasy trip you want to take some day in your notebook. Maybe you will actually take it when all the details are in order and the wind is blowing out of the northeast at 10 miles per hour. OR you can think of ways to build fun into your life every day.

Bite Size Fun Resets the Creativity Button

Find a way to enjoy that cup of coffee sans whining from anyone, or a day free of scooping the litter box. Maybe even a nice walk, with no purpose other than to wander around and look at the beauty that surrounds you. Perhaps wallowing in raunchy trash television while jamming your stomach full of cupcakes is more your idea of indulgence. Whatever works! I don’t judge! Just honor yourself enough to actually THINK about what would be fun, responsibilities be damned. Then sprinkle in a little in each day. Well, everything but the glutenous eating of cupcakes anyway.

I encourage you all to do this because I am in rehab myself. Creativity is part of my work and I love using it to enhance my business and help my clients and friends. Its fun and rewarding to be able to use your passion to help others. But the tank has to get refilled, too. Without a way to pause and get re-inspired, I am no good to my clients or effectively supporting my creative soul.

Leave Room For the Dance Party

That is why having fun is one of my main priorities this year. And yes, that might sound like a goal in terms of how its worded, but what I mean is I am READY to leave more of the business of business behind to open up to a more well-rounded life. Fun can’t fit if its just getting pushed up against the door of a stuffed closet.

And as I was thinking of what I want more of in my life, the conga line seemed like perfect illustration. They are fun and silly, but the best part is that you aren’t sure what or who you are going to get hooked up with in the moment. It a chance affair that can lead to surprise and requires minimal commitment and no planning. Sounds pretty kickass to me!

Photo by NortoriousJEN on Flickr